Fall Party Ideas To Kick the Seasonal Blues

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You’ve returned from vacation or gone back to school and you need a pick-me-up. Don’t get discouraged and wish the fall away! Embrace it with an awesome party. You can meet new people, eat great food, and embrace the cold weather all at once. It’s easy to gaze wistfully at the grass on the other side of the fence. Fall can include just as many fun activities as summer. You just have to know how to embrace it. These awesome fall party ideas will have you romping around with more energy than any summer beach!

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This is an ideal theme if you have a large backyard or summer home. You can even head to a park and decorate some picnic tables and benches with colorful leaves, lanterns, and tapestries. You can have a makeshift bar, large party games of hide-and-seek or capture the flag, and even a nice big dinner. If you don’t have an outdoor venue to host your party, you can get rustic on a patio or even inside. Candles, lanterns, and the right rough-hewn decorations are all it takes to transform a room into the wilderness.

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Bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, having a little square dance if there’s room. These are all classic harvest party activities. Decorations are pretty simple. Get busy decking the halls and walls with leaf streamers, gourds, and pumpkins. A basket of apples and squash will make a nice centerpiece. Harvest parties are best when they feature something homemade, like a cobbler or pie. You can get away with store-bought too if you want, as long as the dessert is inspired by delicious fall flavors.

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The Super Bowl is months away, but any game is a justification for binge eating and trashing your living room. For an icebreakers, this is one of the best fall party ideas. If you’re new at college or in town, invite your neighbors for a night of food, football, and fun. You’ll probably get a lot of takers, even if they have to bring a drink or snack. The only problem will be post-party clean up, but you can worry about that… Well… the morning after.

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Technically, the disco party reigns all year long. It’s especially popular in the fall, though. A disco party has the power to make us forget about our daily lives and dance the night away. The freedom of busting moves on a dance floor is just too good to resist. You can’t hold a disco party unless you have space, so please don’t start a rave in your apartment without acknowledging the consequences. Find or rent a more public space. EventUP is a great resource.


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The classic murder mystery has fall written all over it. Maybe it’s the trench coats, the gloomy English influence of Clue and Sherlock Holmes, or the grotesque Halloween vibes. Whatever the reason, if you want a long fun night with friends, the Whodunit party is the way to go. Make sure you have activities to compliment the slow uncovering of your party mystery. Party games, dinner, and cocktails, or a house tour will give your guests something active to do while they try to discern who the murderer is.



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Garden parties are typically spring affairs, but enchanted garden parties are for the early fall too. This is because you can create a somewhat enchanted garden in your home. Decorate a dim-light room with cut out fairy silhouettes and fairy lights. Prepare a light tea party. A scavenger hunt or boardgames will do magic, and maybe sparks will even fly.

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Sometimes, a great way to meet people is by simply eating a meal with them. You don’t want to be the one doing all the cooking. When will you visit if the courses are all under your control? To save money and maximize time, host a potluck. You get to try everyone’s signature dishes and there’s not the added stress of being the one head chef.

Fall is full of possibilities in the party realm. Take these suggestions and fly with them. Let us know your favorite fall party ideas in the comments below!

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