Get Inspired By These Unexpected Fall Manicure Trends

When it comes to nail design, the sky is the limit when dreaming up shapes, colors, patterns, and embellishments. While a classic French manicure or solid hue is the easy go-to, it is even better to step outside of the box. Here are the top three ways to make a bold, unique statement with your fall manicures:

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Marbleized Nail Art

If you’re looking for an intricate design that can stand on its own with only two colors, then this marble-inspired manicure style is for you. Black and white can be married into splashes of smoky gray, creating stunning asymmetrical designs on each nail.

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This look pairs perfectly with just about any wardrobe ensemble, especially if you gravitate toward neutrals and solid-colored pieces.

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Geometric Shapes

What do you get when you mix various-sized isosceles triangles with fall’s hottest colors? An eye-catching manicure style that’s sure to get you lots of compliments! Who would have guessed that geometry and a color wheel could create something so stunning?

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This nail design is perfect for day or night, and the pops of cherry red perfectly complement those cherry-red stilettos you’ve been eyeing in the Nordstrom window.

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Colored French Manicure

Add a splash of color for a classic look with a twist! Instead of the traditional white tips on a French manicure, this style replaces it with a metallic copper.

If the first two aforementioned trends are outside of your comfort zone, this is the perfect, happy medium! You can still use a neutral base while kicking it up a notch with a solid-colored tip. Our favorites include copper, gold, mauve, and other earth tones.

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If you are brave enough to take on these designs by yourself, there are kits you can purchase to help streamline the process. However, if you prefer to be pampered (and want to ensure that you’re perfectly polished), a trip to the spa with a pumpkin spice latte is the way to go.

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