8 Fall Lipstick Colors You Should Buy Before September

If you can confidently say your summer lip color was on fleek, we’ve got to give it to you. Despite hundreds of beauty gurus desperate attempts to pinpoint 2017’s warm weather lip palette, the last few months have seemed more like a constantly changing whirlwind of endless vibrant shades and eye-popping gloss. Don’t get us wrong. We love a chaotic collage of color just as much as the next makeup aficionado, but after a while, too many rainbow-inspired looks start to feel obsessive. That’s why we have fall to step in and kiss summertime eccentricity goodbye. From nude hints of color to bold dark chocolate red, fashion’s fall 2017 runways introduced a vast but controlled array of lip shades for you to explore as the cold sets in. So check that transition wardrobe and pucker up! It’s time to give the industry’s top fall lipstick products the pre-autumnal lip service they deserve.

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Deep and somber with a hint of raspberry charm, Smoking Red is the ultimate fall shade from Maybelline’s fresh Color Sensational collection. It’s bold and over-the-top, perfect for dark late night soirees. For extra glisten, paint on a layer of glossy lacquer before you slip out the door.

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Modern and simple, this pinkish nude is an elegant touch no matter what the occasion. After a summer bathed in gaudy bubble gum pink, it will help smooth your transition from playful, eye-popping spunkiness to subdued sophistication. Fall doesn’t have to be somber, but it is slightly less energetic than the summertime.

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Scarlet has been all over the fall runway, so it seems only fitting to incorporate a similar shade in your autumnal makeup routine. In direct contrast to the previous colors on this list, your red lipstick for the upcoming season should be aggressively bright. Think of it as a statement look for early fall parties and the occasional high-profile meeting.

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Thanks to cartoons and popular culture, the word “venom” conjures images of slimy green creatures or emo Spiderman. Neither of them have any relation to this lipstick color from the folks at Urban Decay. When it comes to lip shades in 2017, Venom simply means a seductive magenta for your Friday night on the town. Couple it with pinkish-purple clothes and the look will be a success.

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Crimson pink isn’t a color you hear about often. That may be because The Body Shop just introduced the idea this summer. Bolder than magenta with more pink and less purple, this is a youthful hue any adult can use to remember the good old days. It works for 20-somethings too, of course. Really, anyone searching for a bold remnant of summer’s vibrant makeup colors should give Deep Berry a try.

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Looking to steer clear of aggressive reds this fall? Maybelline’s Color Sensational collection has an answer for you. It’s Midnight Merlot, a deep berry shade that errs on the side of purple rather than scarlet. It’s surprisingly somber for a violet lipstick, so limit your use to professional occasions and the occasional wedding ceremony if you can.

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Were you aware there’s a color-changing pigment trend going around in the lipstick community? These products are made with a formula that reacts to your lips’ pH to produce different shades depending on the temperature and your body. This offering from Lipstick Queen shifts between various hues of peachy pink, giving you a subtle way to take part in one of beauty’s newest innovative fads.

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It’s time to talk about fuchsia. One of the fall’s finest carry-overs from summer, there’s nothing muted about this brilliant violet color. It’s what you should be wearing to bring the wow factor into a room. Let the intensity speak for itself in bars, clubs, and even the occasional fancy restaurant. Summer may be fading, but your lipstick doesn’t have to follow suit.

2017 is a year of fall lipstick products that pay homage to cold weather’s traditional palette with a playful twist. Rather than limiting yourself to simple reds and browns, apply magenta or pop on some fuchsia when it’s party time. Who doesn’t want to elevate their fall with a little spice if the chance presents itself?


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