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How To Rock Celebrity Fall Hair Colors

It’s that time of year again. The days leading up to September when fashion and beauty lovers must find a way to phase out warm weather attire for wardrobes full of sweaters, scarves, and lined jeans. This switcheroo doesn’t only apply to clothing. Though the differences are subtler than cotton versus wool, makeup trends and hairstyles change with the season too. There’s some festive aura that dictates summer should be full brightly-colored hair and vibrant makeup. Winter looks are conventionally darker with an emphasis on deep lip color and rich, solid-toned hair. This year, those tropes are being changed up a bit. You’ll still have your normal somber shades, they’re just mixed with some lighter tones to even out the color scheme. Why pick a monochrome approach when you can keep things exciting with a little variety, right? That’s what 2017 seems to think.

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That radically bright blonde you started applying when the first hints of summer cascaded in is too aggressive for fall. You need something gentler that rests somewhere between bright golden yellow and deep brunette. Try some golden highlights that recall the vibrant autumn leaves just around the corner. Maybe leave your roots dark too for an extra blended appearance.

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Yes, we know La La Land and the Emma Stone craze are very 2016, but they’ve endured surprisingly well since March’s Oscars ceremony. With red already poised to be a major player in fall fashion across the globe, 2017 might well be an autumn full of rich red delight. If that’s the case, who cares if Stone feels a bit been there, done that. Red is in and she wears it best. Copy the master and move forward.

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Warm chocolate hair defines a distinct shade of brown that glistens with a healthy shine which evokes Hershey’s eponymous candy. There are plenty of variations on this trend, you can pick any shade of brown that best fits your skin tone, but the essence of chocolate color is epitomized here. Rich, soft, and almost appetizing, tend this style right and your long locks will seem to melt down your back in perfect waves of goodness.

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Hair has a much better bet looking like chocolate dripping than sorbet melting, yet this fall’s trend of naming coloring trends after desserts persists. Pastel tones come from those rave 90s looks hipsters from Coachella to New York popularized in early spring. Pale but bold, these tones have been crowned the next step in the evolution of hair dye and are an excellent way to carry the summer with you for a few months more.

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We say finally because this silver fox look has been sexy for men since the 90s. Time the ladies hopped on board this bandwagon and made grey hair work for them too. With metallics still on the up and up, 2017 is the perfect year to brave dark slate or shiny charcoal for a weekend or two. If you approach it like a color, grey is nothing more than a new shade free of negative connotations.

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Fall is taking back blonde from the critics who said it didn’t fit into the general ambiance of colder seasons. Sure, you’ll stand out a little if you make this hair color your shade of choice, but there’s nothing wrong with a little boldness when it comes to beauty looks. Brave that double platinum process. If the look appeals to you enough for the multi-step coloring treatment to seem worth it, you won’t regret going a little rogue with your hair dye this fall.

Go out there and explore the possibilities of fall hair colors. Whether you pick one trend and stick to it or test our a few options, let yourself live a little next season. Everyone can use a startling makeover once and a while.


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