5 Fall Flavors To Make You Forget All About Summer

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Autumn is back. The leaves are turning red, the wind is getting brisk, and everything we loved about summer is slowly fading away. It’s like that flying plastic bag from American Beauty. Reveling in the transformation feels pretentious, but we can’ look away. What a heap of philosophical crap. Dying trees are beautiful if you’re in a melodrama, but in reality fall means head colds and shorter days. To help avoid a bout with seasonal depression we’ve gathered the tastiest fall flavors for you to enjoy with your favorite comforting fall foods.

Pumpkin Spice

Image Courtesy of Basic Bitches
Image Courtesy of Basic Bitches

You know it all too well. Ever since it’s debut in 2003, this Starbucks latte flavor has become the “flavor of fall.” Hate it or love it, the smell is there on every corner invading your nostrils with its pungent scent. If this testament to corporate takeovers and coffee monopolies has you even more depressed than when we left you, skip down to the next flavor quick. If you are a pumpkin spice fan stay tuned. There’s more! The prevalence of pumpkin spice has inspired an invasion. You can find the flavor everywhere, from Oreos, to hummus to vodka. Find recipes here.

Apple Cinnamon

Image Courtesy of From Fries to Fitness

Long before the debut of Pumpkin Spice, the world had Apple Cinnamon. This excellent fall flavor combination was mostly used in homemade pies and cobblers during the holiday season. Apple Cinnamon made its way into packaged products like oatmeal, tea, and candles long before pumpkin ever did. Embrace the apple slice and cinnamon stick in your fall foods. Apple cider sipped through a sprig of cinnamon is cozy, simple, and delicious. If you want a bit more substance, add a shot whiskey. Find recipes here.

Ginger Pear

Image Courtesy of Guilty Kitchen
Image Courtesy of Guilty Kitchen

Ginger pear is a cousin to Apple Cinnamon with its own gentle personality. Ginger Pear is floral and spicy. Whether you want a fragrant crumble or accents for the evening round of mulled wine, it’s got your taste buds covered. Not only is Ginger Pear unique, the inclusion of ginger adds an array of health benefits. Studies show this spicy root can help prevent nausea, reduce muscle pain, and assist digestion. Its spicy-sweetness that can improve your health! You should be halfway to the store already. Find recipes here.

Cranberry Orange

fall flavors
Image Courtesy of LTCBG

Cranberries are too tart to eat alone, but when paired with oranges they are a tasty force to be reckoned with. This combination makes a great little midday snack. An orange with some sun-dried cranberries to boost your vitamin C and spoil you with antioxidants. Don’t let the health talk scare you. Mix these two ingredients into some muffins, a sauce for Thanksgiving, or a tea loaf for something sweet, healthy, and different. Find recipes here.

Spicy Chocolate

Image Courtesy of Big Stock
Image Courtesy of Big Stock

Peppers and chocolate are a heavenly mix. Believe it or not, you can find savory chocolate sauce, known as mole, in many a burrito if you go to the right place. Coffee shops also offer pepper-infused drinks for those with a spicy obsession. Do you like to dabble in the unpredictable? Sprinkle some cayenne pepper on top of your hot chocolate this autumn. If nothing else brightens your day, this spicy kick will perk you up in no time. Find recipes here.

Give the cooler seasons a nice warm embrace with the help of these five awesome fall flavors.


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