Get Your Face Ready for Facialfitness

Lipomassage makes a great alternate treatment for liposuction and it can boost your recovery after lipo surgery. It’s tough on cellulite throughout your body without causing bruising or swelling. It can even soothe your scar tissue if you’re recovering from an injury of any sort. That’s a lot for one machine to accomplish. Despite all this, there is one area prone to wrinkles and lines that the large Lipomassage tool is too cumbersome to treat. If you want to tighten the wrinkles on your face and massage those dark circles forming under your eyes, you need to book some session with a Facialfitness professional. Facialfitness is Endermologie for your face. It uses the innovative techniques invented by Louis-Paul Guitay to eliminate crows feet and give you the youthful skin you deserve. Here’s why you need to work some Facialfitness into your weekly skincare regimen.

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Like Lipomassage, Facialfitness doesn’t require any needles or other sharp objects. It’s based on a massage treatment designed to rejuvenate your skin and re-densify tissue that’s thinning and beginning to sag. It’s an accepted fact that over time skin loses its density. Your cheek contours slacken creating wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and near the corners of your mouth. Rather than trying to fill out those aging areas of your face with Botox, use Endermologie’s innovative technique to boost your health in a more permanent way.

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Facialfitness is all about rejuvenating your skin and motivating new cell growth through a soothing series of rolling and suctioning. These processes remove cellulite build-up and other tough tissue by reinvigorating your skin with new circulation and fibroblast cells. As the automated machine works its magic, it motivates fresh collagen and elastin production which tightens your skin and eliminates fine lines and deep wrinkles. You’ll look younger and, with continued treatment, those trouble spots will naturally grow healthier.

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It’s important to for your beauty specialist to know the specifics of your skin.  For this reason, Facialfitness beauty specialists usually perform a few simple tests starting you on your first treatment. They’ll take some close-up photos of your face and use gentle pulsation tests to pinpoint your primary areas of aging. These preliminary steps help to inform your trained technician so they can craft a skincare regimen to precisely address your concerns.

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When it comes to treating your neck, forehead, and jawline, Facialfitness therapy centers around a Roll Treatment Head. This machine attachment is specifically designed to massage away the tension in your facial muscles re-sculpt your fatty or sagging facial contours. Many times, your treatment will start off with this process. It’s a good way to ease into a Facialfitness session and it’s surprisingly effective for a relaxing treatment.

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Action is the key to a good Facialfitness session. This treatment takes your skin and “shakes” it at different degrees of intensity to bring back life and natural revitalization through circulation and self-healing. Decongest, the slowest intensity of facial action, decreases redness and swelling. The second level of intensity is faster but still measured, used to soften wrinkled skin and spark dull complexions. Finally, the highest setting helps repair slackening skin and fill out hollowed facial areas.

Men and women of any age can benefit from this specialty tool from Endermologie. It’s soothing, effective, and doesn’t involve any of the risks involved with more traditional processes like Botox. Whether you’re trimming your cheeks or easing a furrowed brow, Facialfitness is here to help.



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