Fabolous Named New York Fashion Week: Men’s Ambassador

The 2017 fashion world got an upbeat boost when Fabolous was named New York Fashion Week: Men’s Ambassador. A Brooklyn-born rapper, Fabolous is no stranger to the design world. Since the beginning of his performance career, he’s been the artist starting the trends. You can thank Fabolous for the throwback jersey, basketball team baseball caps, tennis swag polos, and glam rapper jewelry. Such an iconic man makes sense helming star publicity for NYFW. As Fabolous steps into his role and begins work as the men’s ambassador for the 2017 New York Fashion Week, it’s a time to remember where he’s come from. Here is what you should know about Fabolous, the fashionisto.

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Fabolous has always been a great dresser. Even as a virtually unknown emcee in Brooklyn, he was acutely aware the way he presented himself to the world. “It was part of help you see the picture before you head it,” he says. The new men’s ambassador is quite versatile too. You have to be to launch a trend like the baggy basketball jersey. It’s about looking around you and finding something you can use. If you can turn something casual like a jersey into a statement piece, more power to you. “I think there’s a versatility to my fashion and artistry,” Fabolous says. A versatility that allows him to re-invent sportswear as the staple top of a generation of rap stars. Someone with that much ambition will fit right in at NYFW. The CFDA knew what they were doing.

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Versatility also means the ability to transition from casual wear to formal wear with missing a beat. This is trickier than it sounds. We’re often shocked when we see how models and movie stars look in real life, in their own normal clothes. It’s far more common to see them at premieres or touched-up and costumed for the big screen. Fabolous has the unique ability to look natural in both formal and casual settings. He can genuinely go from streetwear to high-end fashion in a snap and it works. What a great ambassador for a New York Fashion Week that will be filled with new fusions of high fashion and casual streetwear. Fabolous has even offered himself to any brands who might need an extra body to walk their runway. It’s unconventional, by why not jump in all the way when you’re the 2017 New York Fashion Week ambassador, right?

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It isn’t a big surprise, but Fabolous may try his hand at fashion designing soon. He says it’s an area that interests him. These days, with so many celebrities take a swing at the fashion industry just because they can, it’s nice to know Fabolous has some design skills to work from. We can speculate what a Fabolous fashion line would look like. I’m imagining designs inspired by his signature blend of formal and casual. I’d guess the line would fit in the streetwear vein somewhere, but it’s hard to speculate much further. Fabolous, if you’re reading this, know that we can’t wait to see what you do come up with after you finish being men’s ambassador for New York Fashion Week.

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When you establish fashion trends and attend fashion shows, you end up meeting important people who can change your life. Fabolous’s ambassadorship came about through these sorts of connections. When you look back over his iconic status as a fashion symbol, it’s no surprise the CFDA chose him. Being the men’s ambassador means Fabolous will have a chance to do even more networking with designers and attend pre-show events like fittings. What shows are getting Fabolous excited? “I’m definitely excited about the John Elliot show, the Raf Simons show, and I always support Tim Coppens,” gushes the rapper. He’s also been hanging out with Ovadia & Sons, fellow Brooklynites, and can’t wait to see what looks they bring to NYFW this year.

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Aside from his ambassadorship, Fabolous is still hard at work making music. He’s hoping to release two or three projects in 2017. So far, he has Freddy vs. Jason, his collaboration with Jadakiss that takes its name from the horror genre spin-off. He’s also working on a sequel to 2015’s The Young OG Project.

Fabolous is a talent that never sleeps. Whether he’s making fashion trends or recording new songs, the artist is always chasing something new he can share with fans. Get on your fashion blogs and follow his adventures at 2017 New York Fashion Week. Something fabulous is afoot.


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