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7 Eyebrow Tips To Help You Avoid A Plucking Disaster

Few beauty treatments take the time and precision required to tweak eyebrows. Doing your hair can be meticulous and trying to paint a detailed design on your nails takes focus, but neither of these tasks needs to be that precise. Simple as they may sound, solid nail polish and a simple hair-tie will do you up nicely. Eyebrows are the only spot where you have no other option than to dive in deep and work those details. Since doing your brows like this can take up valuable time and energy, you need to be sure your efforts won’t end up causing more problems than solutions in the long run. That’s why we’re here, to give you a cautionary overview of what not to do to your poor, innocent eyebrows. Here’s how you can keep all that tweezer trimming to a safe and effective minimum.

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Many beauticians word this commandment of eyebrow plucking in slightly stronger terms. You’ve probably heard it phrased that way a couple of times, advising you never to pluck above your brow. Truth is, you can tidy the hairs up top. Just be careful to pluck carefully so you don’t end up ruining your brows’ arch. For a safer alternative, consider waxing or threading to keep those pesky bristles under control.

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Television has given the beauty community a great fear of the unibrow. While no one wants one single bushy eyebrow just underneath their forehead, freaking out about the possibility of one can also be detrimental to molding good brows. Don’t get overzealous when you’re widening the gap between your eyebrows. Instead, line up your pluck job with your inner tear duct. It may seem like too little, but in the grand scheme of things, this technique will prevent you from passionately eating into your actual brows accidentally.

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Each of your eyebrows is a separate entity. That means they don’t need to be perfectly identical. Of course, you should give them a similar shape and parallel characteristics, but in the end, it’s not worth over-plucking to try and correct every slightly different detail. A little individuality will add depth and personality to your look. Dare to be unique. In 2017, the beauty world will applaud you for it.

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Your brows do not need to match the color of your hair. If you go too gung-ho trying to make the shades identical, you’ll end up with an unexpectedly harsh and unnatural look. Arm yourself with an eyebrow pencil that has a slightly lighter hue than your tresses for brows that will stand out like they should. Remember, the point isn’t that color is unimportant. You just need to use complementary colors rather than similar hues.

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Many popular eyebrow products have a chalky consistency that you must aggressively etch into your brow to get a good color. Don’t suffer through the agony of tugging out natural hairs while trying to illuminate them with a deeper hue. Find a softer product. It’s worth a little extra effort to steer clear of embarrassing hair loss. Trust us.

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Some people are easily drawn in by rogue hair and make it their mission to correct every imperfection with a magnifying glass. Epic plucking can be very effective, but if you get too passionate all that detail work can cause long term damage to your hair follicles. It’s better to sculpt a general shape than stress out over every hair that’s marginally out of place.

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Clearly, your eyebrows deserve a fair amount of TLC but don’t forget about the gadget behind the scenes. Tweezers need tender loving care too. Using clean tweezers can be the difference between a pristine face and eyelids speckled with acne and other skin irritations. Give your tools a quick wipe with antiseptic to kill off bacteria and excess hairs. Your brows will thank you.

Tweaking your eyebrows isn’t difficult. The struggle is finding when your inner perfectionist needs to let go and let things be. Use these tips to nail that balance and you’ll never be stuck with unhappy brows ever again.


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