Expensive Phone Cases: Do You Think They’re Worth It?

You should not spend real money on an iPhone case. Save the big bucks for clothes and re-furnishing your house. You might not have known you could spend a fortune on a cell phone case. Most people don’t. Once you pay for a phone, the last thing you want to do is spend more money on a fancy-ass case. You can dress up your phone with the Superman or Minnie Mouse pictures for $30 or less. Do you really want to spend $500+ on a phone case you’ll probably end up dropping in the toilet? Let this list be a cautionary tale in expensive phone cases. It doesn’t hurt to admire nice things, but it can hurt to buy them. I present to you some expensive phone cases you really don’t need to have. Or do you? Look as long as you like, but please don’t touch.

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Do I need to reiterate that atrocious number? You read it right the first time. The price really is $725 for an iPhone case. It is made of silver calf leather with colorful crystals to make up the floral design on the back, but we don’t know if that’s enough to justify its price tag. Even crystal flowers can’t distract from the fact that this phone case costs a month’s rent. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from Dolce & Gabbana.

Image Courtesy of Lystit

FENDI, $600

It must be comfortable to handle your phone in a leather and mink fur case, but is it necessary? This blue Fendi phone case with silver studs pays homage to Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld with a South Park-like design featuring the designer’s classic black tie and large sunglasses. It may be super fashionable, but unless you really don’t have anything better to do with $600, don’t bother with this expensive phone case.

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If you want to dress up your phone like a lizard, don’t expect it to be cheap. Not only are lizard skins difficult to find, they take meticulous attention to wrap. For this item, the black gives off a chic, exotic vibe. Why hide that away in your pocket? If you want to spend money on this rare skin, you should save it for a new purse.

Image Courtesy of Colette

 HADORO, $390

Speaking of the exotic leather purse look… The alligator leather Hadoro case is even more extreme than the Bootcase lizard look. Alligators may be fierce, tough creatures with beautiful hides, but you don’t need them plastered to your phone. Especially not to the tune of $400.

Image Courtesy of Gucci

GUCCI, $350

Picasso hangs in some of the most prestigious museums in the world. His paintings can be seen all over the Internet and in museums around the world. It might seem cool to have star, eye, and mouth appliqué on your phone, but you can see Picasso for $20. No need to dish out anymore for an embroidered-face Gucci iPhone case.

Image Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Vuitton is a name you want to tote around on your arm, not in your pocket. Will it really be a source of pride to pull out your phone and proclaim you’ve shopped at Louis Vuitton for a phone case? It’s slim, sleek, and pure leather excess. The microfiber protects from scratches, but the logo isn’t worth the $300+. Trust me on this.

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