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5 Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Your Essential Oils

It’s the health and wellness decade, so surely you’ve heard of essential oils before. These potent little substances are all the rave, populating social media with their healing properties. In fact, it’s near impossible not to come to the pun-inspired conclusion that essential oils have never been this essential in daily life. The question is how you can use them to improve your routine. After all, a distilled essence is nothing to toy with. It takes skill and care to work a few essential oils in here and there and boost your quality of life. With these simple lessons from the experts, you’ll be reaping the trendy benefits of powerful liquids safely in no time.

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There’s a super simple way to work essential oils into your routine. Take a bottle of the substance and let the distant smell waft toward you. Just don’t get cocky sticking the bottle too close to your nose. We aren’t snorting oils here! Think of this technique as an instrument to jolt your brain awake through smell. If you’re careful to use them sparingly, essential oils can be the perfect way to spice up your morning. Have a whiff before you head out the door for extra focus and energy.

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Before we go any further with this suggestion, here’s a word of warning. Never rub undiluted essential oils on your skin. Their powerful potency can lead to painful skin problems and other health issues. Instead, mix a drop or two of your trendy substance with a carrier oil before you apply any on your body. Back to the method at hand. Coating your palms with diluted oil keeps the healing scent with you at a manageable level. Cupping your pungent hands over your nose will also clear out your pesky sinuses.

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Getting up close and personal with essential oils is only one approach to aromatherapy. If you’re looking for something with less of a kick, consider investing in a diffuser. These machines often have a high price tag attached, but if that’s too much of an investment, a soaked cotton ball sitting in a bowl can be nearly as effective. The added sense of freshness will keep you alert and relaxed for hours. Perhaps a diffusion of essential oils is just the antidote your office needs to alleviate the tension.

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Yes. Emma Watson wore a dust mask in public without shame. If she can do it, so can you. You can use this method of infusing the air you breathe with essential oils any time you want, but it’s especially useful when you feel an illness coming on. A couple drops near the filter will ensure all air you inhale is fresh, clean, and full of healing qualities. You can infuse a sleep mask with some oils too for a soothing blend of scents that wards off ugly illnesses.

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You can dilute essential oils so they don’t sting your hands or blend them into your favorite body butter. These little substances are incredible when it comes to moisturizing dry skin and soothing inflammation caused by acne. Inhaling essence in spurts helps a little, but it’s no match for lotion enhanced with a few choice droplets. You can even spike your toner with some oils for good measure. Who says oily can’t be beautiful?

Essential oils have a reputation that precedes them, but when it comes to the day-to-day most people get stuck. Don’t miss out on one of health and beauty’s biggest healers. These techniques will help you make the most of DIY aromatherapy safely as you waft into a new life of fragrant freshness.



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