The Health And Wellness Benefits of Endermologie

The battle against cellulite is one many people are familiar with. That dreaded fight against unwanted weight. The major difference is that while many weight gain issues can be corrected or at least reduced with exercise and a healthy diet, cellulite build-up takes more drastic measures to correct. That’s why most people settle for liposuction. It can be stressful to go under the knife, but for a long time that was the only effective option. If you wanted to reduce cellulite and slim your silhouette, liposuction was the answer. In 2017, there’s a new popular option to help you get rid of unwanted fat. If you’re dealing with weight that persists even though you changed your diet and make a point of visiting the gym three days a week, you need to try Endermologie. This LPG treatment can help you relax, lose weight, and loosen up with one simple regimen.

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Cellulite is not your typical fat. Normally, fat lingers around your bones. This is the build-up you can fix with working out and healthy dieting. It’s easy to burn, and if you’re careful, you can transform those chunky spots into muscle in a few disciplined months. Cellulite sticks just below your skin where there’s nothing your body can do about it. No matter how many intensive jumping jacks you do, that fat is staying right where it is. Stubborn spots like these are what inspired the popular Endermologie treatments you see around today.

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Endermologie is a cellulite removal technique discovered by French engineer Louis-Paul Guitay. This unique massage-based treatment was originally designed to help patients suffering with severe burns and scar tissue. Guitay was in therapy to help with his own injuries from a car accident and wanted to design a machine that would be consistent in how it massaged skin. It wasn’t until a decade after this LPG invention had been in use that therapists realized it had weight loss potential.

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Lipomassage is a specific technique that rejuvenates your skin cells and helps with circulation across your body. Using a series of automated rollers, this machine massages your skin to activate curing properties and stretch out connecting tissues that make your body measurement shrink. Lipomassage therapy also decreases muscle spasms and muscle pain. Since it’s based on a cure for scar tissue, using Endermologie as a skincare treatment feels like a true massage. This really is a body massage that helps you lose weight. Does it get any better than that?

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Lipomassage and other Endermologie treatments aren’t cheap. Each procedure isn’t too expensive to begin with, but once you add on all the sessions you need to see a change you’ll be paying the same amount you’d pay for good plastic surgery. The better question is does Endermologie give you more for your buck. Given that you’re getting a massage and not having to deal with sharp needles, knives, or actual surgery, the answer is probably yes. This treatment grows more and more popular each year because it is safer, more accessible, and broad in scope. It will ultimately help you achieve more than Botox or plastic surgery while still tightening up those wrinkles and trimming your figure. 

You know what it is, now go see for yourself! This summer get your beach body ready with a massage plan that will have the whole “you” feeling relaxed and refreshed. It’s the ultimate way to defeat cellulite once and for all.


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