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Check Out 2017’s Newest Emerging Beauty Trends

Typically, Richard Magazine looks at fashion beauty tech by week. If there’s anything new floating around, we jump on it so you can use the latest products to keep your lifestyle healthy and chic. Today, we’re taking a step back to examine the general trends impacting the beauty items and makeup looks of 2017. You’ve already heard about a few of these. Wearable tech has been a trend of choice since February and if you haven’t read a fashion article that at least mentions customization by now, I don’t what you’ve been reading. Yet, there are still plenty of young emerging beauty trends that haven’t been given a proper introduction. With the year already a quarter over, it’s time you familiarized yourself with the big advancements that are poised to transform your beauty routine before 2018 rolls around.

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South Korea has been the unexpected hotbed for some weird and revolutionary beauty innovations in the past year. If you like freshening up with at-home facials during the week, you’re probably familiar with the Asian country’s K-beauty products. They fit right into the customization trend, letting you pick from a vast array of detailed treatments you can easily use from home. Beauticians in Korea have a unique talent when it comes to facials. From dry sheet masks that use embedded ingredients to super-thin hydrogel masks that self-heat, these impressive beauty experts are making the face mask one of 2017’s most versatile beauty products.

anti-aging cream
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The medicinal community has always played a large role in new beauty developments. The more beauticians know about the human body, the better their products will be. This year, the hot topic among cell biologists and cosmetic chemists is autophagy, the process cells go through to recycle their contents into energy. Though this intimate knowledge about how cells work is very new, it’s already impacting the skincare industry. Soon, your face cream will contain ingredients that stimulate your autophagy capabilities, a natural approach to healthy, moisturized skin. These anti-aging products will make subtle differences like lengthening the ends of your chromosomes to protect aging cells, increase the rate at which your cells recycle, and recharge tired mitochondria. Scientific jargon aside, emerging beauty trends are out to do more pretty you up in 2017. They’ll keep you healthy too.

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No, these creams don’t involve slathering your body in some mixture of animal blood. This new technique is far more personal and less grotesque. Rather than using a questionnaire to learn the characteristics and needs of your skin, 2017’s beauticians are taking things to the next level and drawing blood. Once it’s drawn, your blood is placed in a container with irregularly-shaped glass beads which trigger the cells to produce healing factors. As the cells transform, your blood is spun through a centrifuge into a rich plasma you can apply directly to your skin. Basically, beauty has found a way to maximize your blood into healing ointment. A little gross, but not nearly as weird as it sounds at first.

3d printing
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Designers in Boston are experimenting with a 3D printer that can produce custom clothing in under 90 minutes. If they succeed, this technology will be the ultimate instantaneous fashion tool. Yet, even though most inventions are still a work in progress, 3D printing is even more impressive in the beauty industry. Developers really see the tool as a technology adjacent to human skin and actual hair, able to correct distinctly biological issues. The biggest dreamers have already started work on 3D bio-printed designs to help heal wounds and cure baldness. In 2017, beauty is stretching beyond the traditional goal of looking attractive to ask how we can improve and lengthen our personal quality of life.

emerging beauty trends
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No matter how careful you are with your face, it can always use some sprucing up. K-beauty comes to the rescue again in this instance, introducing a blackhead-extractor that’s basically a vacuum cleaner for your face. Stop using your dirty fingers for good and let this nifty contraption suck the grit and grime off your face whenever it’s feeling clogged. If a vacuum sounds too intimidating, you’ve got other options to keep your face tidy. Try an iron-infused formula you can spread on and remove with an actual magnet. It’s still more sanitary than your hands and you’ll avoid the awkward feeling of a machine sucking dirt from your tender skin. Whichever option you choose, you’ll still be using one of 2017’s tidiest emerging beauty trends.

The emerging beauty trends of 2017 are diverse and innovative. They each keep a familiar element while elevating whatever aspect of beauty they help with. You won’t be leaving the tried-and-true behind. Just making it better.


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