The Egg House Museum

The Egg House Museum In NYC Is a Dream Instagram Photo Spot

A lot of today’s baked goods have one main ingredient: eggs. We eat them all the time. Scrambled, over-easy, and mixed in our food – yet we never really give the dietary staple the credit it deserves. But now, even if you don’t eat eggs, you can still celebrate them in a big way. We’re talking about the creation of the The Egg House Museum in New York City!

Yes, something this magical really does exist… and we couldn’t be happier! Starting April 7, egg enthusiasts or Instagram enthusiasts (which is basically the whole millennial generation) will be able to up their selfie game yet again, with these unique interactive rooms: The Foyer featuring egg yolk clouds, The Kitchen featuring a large carton of eggs, The Hallway featuring vending machines, The Pool full of eggs, The Garden featuring a jungle of eggs and an eggshell swing, and The Secret Room that is yet to be revealed.

The Egg House is made up of a team of young artists, interior designers, and marketing majors that graduated from top schools like NYU, Parsons, SVA, and Pratt Institute. These talented individuals really brought the imaginative into the big apple. We have seen everything from the Ice Cream Museum, The Museum of Lights, Refinery 29’s Funhouse, to the Color Factory but we never thought we’d see something as simple as eggs. Yet as it turns out, they’re not simple at all.

Not only will this exhibit feed your soul with inspiration but also with yummy treats. During the opening of the Egg House you can expect this to be a breakfast destination as vendors such as the Egg Shop, Eggloo, Egg Waffle Ice-Cream parlor, and Breakfast Club team up to prepare some egg based meals.

The idea to be able to escape to a whole new world with out the expense of leaving the country is truly amazing. We give props to those who are able to create these large installations and experiences just for pure happiness and enjoyment.

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