Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy

Eddie Eddie By Billy Tommy – NYFW Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

Vintage-inspired, quirky streetwear once again took the forefront in Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy’s spring collection. This eclectic brand founded by Sean Kinney, a leading fashion designer and marijuana farmer, captures the vibe of New York-influenced industrial clothing. Unlike other labels tackling street-chic, Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy embraced fashion’s recent thrifting and scavenging craze with a refreshing organic touch. These are sweaters and crew neck sweatshirts that feel accessible, emblazoned with word art and bold slogans. With his free design sense and 90s expertise, Kenny calmly captured the unconventional, yet comfortable.

Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy also played on past collections for their Style Fashion Week runway show. To fit the brand’s signature style, crew neck sweaters and hoodies played heavily into each look. To stress the label’s New York roots, strong messages featured prominently in pastels and muted “NYC” accents fashioned against carbon gray streetwear. Kinney also focused on comfort, allowing the oversized-trend to reign throughout the line with excess sleeve lengths and widths for that “just rolled out of bed” look. While most of the collection features boldly colored fabrics paired with no-nonsense fonts in complementary colors, Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy ventured beyond their comfort zone too with a few muted, tie-dye pieces. These pieces celebrated faded colors in the common, water-stained patterns of classic 90s attire. Combining vintage and contemporary styles with playful ease, Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy bodes well for anyone who digs the 90s renaissance or thrift shopping.

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