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Easy Hair Transformations That Will Freshen Up Your Summer

Changing up your hair look is far simpler than it looks. It might be something as easy as a little more product to keep your bangs brushed back. If you’re going for a new length, one or two little products are all you need to accelerate that growth like a pro. The main point is, you don’t need to haul yourself to the salon to get a new hairstyle. There are some wonderful easy hair transformations you can create on your own from the comfort of your home. Just stock up on quality products from the local drugstore and turn your bathroom counter into a personal styling space. Aspiring beautician or everyday woman, this is a great way to save money and time while still rocking a trendy new summer hair look.

easy hair transformations
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The secret to reshaping your bangs starts during your initial haircut. If you want a fringy look in the front that won’t jeopardize your later attempts to restyle, make the center slightly shorter than the edges. Sculpting your bangs early will make transforming them later a piece of cake. When you’re ready to switch things up, start by pushing them back. Work a holding gel through your damp hair and push it back into a simple part. When your hair is long enough, switch to a styling cream and tuck the sides behind your ears. If shaping isn’t your cup of tea, dress up your re-purposed bangs with bobby pins or French braids. Of course, if you prefer your easy hair transformations even simpler, there’s always clip-in bangs. This faux hair will let you add and remove convincing bangs in mere seconds.

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Summer is a great season for voluminous, flowing hair. Check out the latest nature-inspired and glitter-covered trends. They’re clearly begging you to grow out those locks and tackle warm weather hair looks head on. If you’re itching to give these styles a try but stuck with a trendy spring bob, don’t despair. Accelerating your hair growth can be a surprisingly simple process. First, love on your scalp. Dirt and product buildup can compromise healthy hair growth, so it’s vital you start detoxing the top of your head at least once a week. You can also use medicinal supplements that contain biotin, vitamin C, and iron to promote quick growth. Finally, if you want to jumpstart a long hair look, there are always hair extensions to tide you over until your actual locks grow in. You can also style your growing hair half-up to create the illusion of longer hair.

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May is a great time to set your tame hair free to bounce and blow in the breeze. Let your wild hair take on its natural appearance and coax the raw beauty out of it again. This is probably one of the most dynamic easy hair transformations you can use to boost your summer style. Start in by limiting your shampoo regimen to twice a week. You should moisturize your scalp daily, but anything more runs the risk of drying out your hair. It can also be helpful to ditch your brush. Aggressive brushing can cause breakage and more if you aren’t careful. Spread and detangle natural curls with your fingers instead. Looking for more ways to give your hair the moisture and care it needs? Once you’ve started in on your new routine, preserve your work by wearing a nightcap and deep-conditioning your curls with a mask.

It only takes a few tweaks in your haircare regimen to start on the path to a new hair look. These easy hair transformations are perfect for summer and easy to adjust back when the fall weather returns. Make home your salon and get to work on your perfect new summer hair look.


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