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Rock On With a Trendy Earbud Necklace

In the tech world, new inventions abound every week. Fashion and technology products are often the most innovative of these inventions. Innovative doesn’t always mean complex. Though recent developments in the modern trifecta of fashion, beauty, and technology include virtual reality dressing rooms and A. I. beauty assistants, there are also a fair amount of simple inventions. One of these is a combination metallic bead and earbud necklace. Using the hip “headphones in, wires hanging” look that’s been a music-lover staple since the 1980s, this design transforms accidental casual into a genuine fashion choice. See how you can benefit from this soon-to-be-trendy necklace and wire combo.

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Effective wearable technology blends tech-savvy gadgets into fashionable attire. It’s about the art of subtlety and the efficiency of function. You can trace these two ideas back to Steve Jobs. Before Apple took off, the technology industry didn’t often bother itself about being aesthetically pleasing. It was enough to own the latest gadgets and use the newest computer model from home. Now, with technology taking a front seat in almost every aspect of our lives, tech that looks good matters.

This is one of the reasons you should consider the new earbud necklace. Strung with medium-sized beads to hide the wires and plug, it’s surprisingly convincing as a piece of jewelry. It reinvents the iPod headset look. Apple’s iconic white wires are so prevalent in the streets today, they’ve become a sort of cross-over tech-fashion piece. Seizing on the look and build of classic headsets, the earbud necklace takes a millennial accessory and makes it traditionally fashionable. Why not usher in the old and the new simultaneously, right?

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Artistic and pretty as the earbud necklace is, developers managed not to sacrifice any functionality while dressing it up. Like most other headphones, these new fashion accessories are compatible with smartphones and MP3 players through a 3.5mm plug. If you’re afraid wearing one will mean you miss out on the ability to make and receive calls from your headset, relax. The earbud necklace has an integrated microphone to allow you to make hands-free calls as you’re rushing from place to place. Designers also kept the multi-functional button that lets you answer the phone, play and pause music, and skip through songs on your playlist with just the tap of a finger. Basically, you’re not losing any tech-savvy abilities and gaining some pretty badass style. When new designs come this well-crafted, it’s hard not to join the trend.

earbud necklace
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Currently, there are seven colors you can choose from when picking out an earbud necklace. Some, like the bluntly named Green One and Pink One, come in a brilliant neon shade. They’re perfect if you want your wearable fashion look to harken back to Apple’s original iPod advertisements, those dancing silhouettes against vivid neon backdrops. If you’re purchasing an earbud necklace to make your wires less conspicuous, one of the greyscale designs would suit you better. It’s also interesting to note that the earbud extensions on these necklaces look like earrings when the bud is in your ear. Hanging like a strand of beads, they’ll add a nice exotic addition to your trendy wardrobe.

There’s no denying the earbud necklace is a cool, new accessory design. It can also serve as a metaphor for what wearable fashion should be. Let these ideas and principles guide your headset choices and the way you integrate technology into your 2017 wardrobe.


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