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Start Shopping Smart with E-Commerce Technology

E-commerce technology just keeps getting better. When the industry first started out, you had to determine which outfits to buy based on a pixelated picture and general description. There was no personalization software to navigate you to the perfect outfit. Virtual fitting rooms and augmented reality weren’t advanced enough to integrate into a website. You were pretty much shopping in the dark trusting company reputations and simplistic 2D imagery to guide your shopping spree. Lucky for us, contemporary leaders in e-commerce fashion are dedicated to developing new ways to further tech-savvy online shopping. For the first time in history, your e-commerce fashion experience can be interactive and properly fulfilling.

e-commerce technology
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Online shopping used to be littered with size guides. They were easy to ignore if you wanted to shop blindly, but for those looking for helpful information, these charts were a painful maze of disappointment. Better to purchase your clothes with no optimistic illusions than a trainwreck. Virtual technology is putting all these uncertainties to rest for good. In 2017, for the first time, online stores will let you enter simple information about your body and cater your shopping experience accordingly. This is a huge step in personalized fashion. Finally, technology will solve your sizing needs and give you the freedom to focus on style.

e-commerce technology
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E-commerce technology doesn’t stop at virtual fitting rooms. Some advanced programs let you upload personal photos to answer the bigger question: “I know it fits, but how will it actually look on me?” Systems like these basically allow you to enter virtual space and use your own figure as a photo-realistic model for everything from clothing to makeup. One of online shopping’s greatest flaws is how impersonal it is to use. If you wanted to see new looks matched with your skin tone and hair color before making a purchase, shopping in-store was the only option. Not anymore. Today, your figure can make as good an avatar as any rendered model.

e-commerce technology
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Approval is a huge thing in the fashion world. If you’re a consumer, chances are you Instagram each outfit you buy to see how people respond. It’s been stated again and again how the fashion industry is adapting its runways and new collections to a more demanding audience. Given the influence social media has on fashion, it’s no surprise media platforms are becoming a key element of e-commerce technology. From forums created to help buyers find specific celebrity outfits to online brands that use customer votes and funding to determine future collections, pop culture opinion has never been so integrated into online shopping. With tools like these, you can be sure whatever you purchase will be trendy and chic.

e-commerce technology
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The more information e-commerce technology can collect, the better your online shopping experience will be. Developers know this and are constantly working to enhance search engines so they can learn more about the people using them. It’s a scary advancement but very helpful. Most virtual shopping spaces in 2017 will analyze past purchases and related searches so they can customize your browsing experience. Basically, you sacrifice the organic process of rummaging for a personalized selection tool based on your previous likes. If you’re into speed and efficiency, machine learning is just what you need to maximize your shopping time. At last, a way to find exactly what you want without looking for it.

e-commerce technology
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The other side of e-commerce technology is the tech-savvy products we buy. Recent items like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze solidified the role developing technologies can play in day-to-day outfits. New gadgets are on the way in 2017 to continue the fashion tech trend. Inventions in this category include rings that alert you when you’ve missed a call or email and jewelry containing card payment chips. As a full-on testament to technology’s influence on fashion, you can shop in virtual reality and pay with a chip-enhanced decorative ring. Just wait until you’re answering texts with your coat.

Thanks to extensive technological advancements over the last decade, e-commerce technology now allows you to craft customized models and try out hundreds of products in an immersive virtual space. With precision like this, e-commerce is well on its way to rivaling in-store shopping. Get ready. Your living room couch is about to become your favorite mall.


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