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Here’s What It’s Like to Visit the Dream Machine Brooklyn Exhibit – Exclusive Look

Here at Richard Magazine, we post pictures of our prettiest foods, chicest outfits, best vacation ‘grams, and document our most glamorous adventures online. But how far are you willing to go for the ultimate Instagram-worthy shot? I recently visited the Dream Machine exhibit in Brooklyn, New York – which was the ultimate photo destination worth all your selfies and outfits of the day.

Brooklyn brought life to a new immersive experience where you can literally walk through your dreams and capture every exciting moment on social media. The Dream Machine exhibit is home to 10 immersive rooms each inspired by our most common dreams and sleep cycle. The hour-long tour began with a journey through the clouds. Some of us have dreamt about flying, floating, or falling off of clouds – I know I certainly have! This room felt so surreal with its piercing blue lights and floating fluffy clouds. I literally had my head in the clouds!

After I exited the cloud room, I found myself surrounded by bubbles. A magical moment where my childhood dreams came true. I don’t think you can ever be upset when bubbles are present. Maybe it’s the chasing and dancing around, but there’s just something about them that brings pure happiness. Not only were these bubbles delightful but something wizardly was used in the creation of them because they turned to clouds of fog when popped.

As I walked through the black and white room I came across the laundromat. I’m happy to say I’ve never dreamt of doing laundry: but if it’s anything like this I wouldn’t mind. I was greeted by the Dream Machine technician that was serving cotton candy swirled from the dryer machine. How cool is that?!

The cotton candy dryer machine was not the only surprise: found myself entering a secret pathway through the washer, only to find myself in a whole new world! The infinity room  – as you could imagine – was endless and was surrounded by mirrors and lights. Together, they gave the illusion that you were amongst the stars in outer space. As I reached the end of the room, I came through one of the washer machine doors and back into the laundromat. Talk about trippy huh?

Next thing I knew, I found myself submerged at the bottom of a pool. Not literally, but it sure felt like it. With special lighting effects, the Dream Machine team was able to create the visual of reflective water and movement above the ball pit pool. When you entered, it felt like you were swimming at the bottom of the pool instead of the top.

The rainbow tunnel was next. I almost felt like I was in a Willy Wonka game with rainbow lights flashing back and forth, giving the appearance that the tunnel was getting bigger and smaller. When I finally made it across, I entered a psychedelic rainforest, surrounded by bright colored leaves and patterns.

Last but not least, I was lost in a room filled with silver foil streamers. As I reached out to find an opening for the exit, I landed in a blue room with the sign, “It was all a dream” concluding my tour.

This experience was certainly one to remember, and I learned that no dream is unattainable. I never thought I would be walking through clouds, bubbles, and an intergalactic world – but here I was. The goal with this exhibit was to take your dreams or aspirations and turn them into reality in the real world.

So for all you dreamers out there, I highly recommend that you visit this exhibit. And don’t forget your camera, because if you didn’t capture it on the ‘gram… did you even go?

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the creator behind the Dream Machine exhibit, coming soon to Richard Magazine. All images courtesy Dream Machine Instagram, or author’s own.
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