Dove Cameron Hair Extensions

Dove Cameron Collaborates On a Line of Bellami Hair Extensions

You may know Dove Cameron best for her work in Disney Channel’s Descendants franchise, where she plays purple-haired villain Mal. But in real life, the actress’ long, platinum blonde locks rival those of Disney princess Rapunzel! Now, the star wants us to get inspired by her own glam style. Just in time for the holidays, Dove has collaborated on a complete line of hair extensions with Bellami, where she has custom-designed a range of colors for her fans.

“I’ve always been a very feminine, over-the-top theatrical girl, and I think that Bellami has this incredibly feminine, but crisp, dramatic thing going on, and it seems to match with mine. I was really drawn to them,” Dove said. “I really love that they give girls the room to be creative with their looks, as I’ve always been a girl who has experimented a lot.”

Dove even made sure to craft an extension shade that perfectly matches her own signature blonde hue. That way, all of her fans can match with her if they want to. How exciting is that?

“Bellami was kind enough to take a look at their color wheel and contribute to whatever I thought would be missing,” Dove said. “They had a really extensive collection before I became a partner, and they also, let me contribute. I looked at the women in my life and I felt like they might not be represented in their color wheel. So, I was excited to add a few more pigmented and dramatic colors.”

“I’m also designing my own personal platinum color for them too, which I’m really excited about,” she added. “I know my fans have expressed have expressed interest in finding a match to my platinum so they have have the same color hair, and now they can.”

“I’m also adding some espresso browns as a lot of my friends have espresso tones. I also am adding a raven red, and some other surprises too,” Dove shared. “Bellami has been very open about letting me do whatever I want, and I think that’s very important, as I don’t just want to put my name on anything.”

The actress also revealed that less conventional colors are also on their way. That may just be the perfect nod to rainbow hair lovers like Dove (and her movie character!)

Dove Cameron’s holiday collaboration with Bellami is due out in December.

We can’t wait to see which color we will decide to rock this winter party season!

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