Dolce and Gabbana Reveals New Hot Millennial Models

Dolce and Gabbana, the trendy Italian brand that’s always looking to make a stir, crowded their front row with iconic millennial models at Milan Fashion Week. Many of these new models were the offspring of wealthy families so they did have that going for them, but many had also made a name for themselves on social media. The show seemed to be a continuation of the trend begun by Gigi Hadid and Lucky Blue Smith, fashionable millennials who translated their social media presence into modeling careers.

This time D&G were the match-makers, inviting dozens of famous millennial trend-setters to walk on their runway and promote Milan Fashion Week from behind-the-scenes. It was a genius plan. Hundreds of millennials who hadn’t cared for fashion week were suddenly glued to their phones to see their favorite Instagram stars get prettied up for the show. Who were these youthful celebrities and up and coming models who made such a splash on D&G runway? Have a look and see.

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PRESLEY GERBER (@Presleygerber)

Son of timeless 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford and model turned entrepreneur Randy Gerber, Presley was one of the new models who seemed to have earned his runway pass by birthright. His 222,000 followers on Instagram are just enough to separate him from his parents in millennial-populated cyberspace. When he’s not modeling, Presley uses Instagram to practice his photography skills. He created @kbyp solely to showcase his photoshoots with his younger sister, Kaia.

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RAFFERTY LAW (@raff_law)

Another celebrity child, Rafferty is the son of acclaimed actor Jude Law and British actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost. This millennial boy is making a name for himself by having famous friends. His 4.8 thousand follower count is no doubt largely due to the fact he can count Lucky Blue Smith and Kate Moss amongst his closest friends. When he’s not hanging out with famous people on Primrose Hill or modeling, Rafferty dabbles in music and cheers for the local English football club.

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CAMERON DALLAS (@camerondallas)

With no lineage to boost him to stardom, Dallas is the product of effective social media marketing. He began his public career posting funny Vines of himself playing jokes and pranks on friends and family. Within three years he had amassed a social media following of 13 million and was one of the first boys to tour the world as a ‘web star.’ There’s even a Netflix reality television show about him. Of all the up and coming models who walked the Dolce and Gabbana runway in Milan, Dallas is the greatest example of a millennial social media success story.

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LUKA SABBAT (@lukasabbat)

A child of the fashion industry, Luka’s fashion is a womenswear designer in Paris and his mother manages fashion show productions. He lives a notable lifestyle with a casual air about him, oozing that elusive IT so many crave. Like Rafferty, Luka has a lot of famous friends. He hangs with famous urbanite figures like Kanye West, Jaden Smith, and Ian Connor. A Jimi Hendrix look-alike himself, Luka’s fame can be credited to his calm demeanor and stylish Instagram account.

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AUSTIN BUTLER (@austinbutler)

Television was Austin’s ticket to fame. This millennial star made a name for himself in some of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel’s biggest networks hits in the late 90s and early 00s. D&G’s decision to include him in their line-up caught the attention of thousands of 20-somethings who had been fawning over the star since their tweens. Continuing his acting career in the title role of the new series The Shannara Chronicles while pursuing a relationship with fellow Disney alum Vanessa Hudgens, Austin gives his fans something to cheer about onscreen and off.

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HUANG JINGYU (Johnny黄景瑜 – Weibo)

The sexiest models of the millennial era come from all over the world. Huang found his fame in the controversial web series Addicted. When the show was banned by Chinese media regulators in 2015, Huang became an overnight sensation. He has since been invited to the Cannes Film Festival alongside Xiandanjia and the Chinese contingent of Harper’s Bazaar China and boosted his social media following to 2 million. After walking in the D&G Milan show, expect to see more of Huang in the Western media soon.

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ZARA LARSSON (@zaralarsson)

At the age of 10, Zara had won Talang (the Swedish version of America’s Got Talent). She was already on her way to an illustrious career as a singer and actress in Sweden. Zara released her debut EP album at the age of 15 and quickly gained national stardom. She is also one of social media’s youngest outspoken feminists. Though the Milan D&G show was primarily a men’s show, Zara was one of a few well-known female millennials invited to make an appearance.

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Still, a student living with his famous father in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lucas represents the up and coming generation of millennial social media stars at the Dolce and Gabbana show. The youngest of Mick Jagger’s children, he seemed to be the D&G way of acknowledging that social media stars are always growing and changing. It was a savvy choice and perhaps a message about the future of the brand and its shows.

The Dolce and Gabbana runway is dominating the conversation surrounding Milan Fashion Week. By acknowledging the importance of social media in their show, D&G set the bar high for other brands to keep their fashion shows updated and relevant. It will be interesting to see how they rise to the occasion. For more about hot millennial models, check out Richard Magazine’s Pinterest!


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