Bag Obsessed? Meet Dizaind Custom Handbags

Here at Richard Magazine we applaud innovation and creativity, which is why we quickly became obsessed with Dizaind bags, an innovative website for designing custom handbags. If you want to reinvent your look, go for it! If you’re looking for new socks or a fresh hairstyle, we fully support you! Our very own Janna recently discovered the amazing custom handbag company, Dizaind. At this up and coming company, you can design and color your own personalized bag. The process is so fun and easy we aren’t sure how it hasn’t taken the industry by storm!

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dizaind custom bags

When creating a bag with Dizaind, the first thing to do is select the style of bag you want. The Dizaind website has dozens of bags to choose from. From handy saddlebags to hefty duffle bags, there’s a bag to fit every taste and need. Once you’ve chosen a general style, you can add some finesse to the mix. Attach some fringe or a shoulder strap, depending on how you want to carry your bag. There is also a 3D tool for this step. You can see your design so you can be sure you like your bag from all angles.


After you’ve finished selecting the style, it’s time to play with some color schemes! Dizaind allows you to select colors for the body, drawstring, handle, metal hardware, and interior of your bag. The body is divided up into two or three color patch sections. Be aware of these when picking the style of bag you’d like to design.

Along with your color choices, you also get a small choice in fabrics. For example, your exterior can be made of either grain or Nappa leather, depending on the texture your prefer. The interior has leather and canvas options. Janna chose a muted colors with a pop of pink in the middle for her custom handbag. Since she prefers to have a shoulder strap, and thought a tassel would add some nice decoration, Janna ordered both of these items, choosing matching colors to the bag’s color scheme. These come inside the bag and you have to clip them on yourself once the bag arrives. As you color the bag, don’t forget these accessories if you think they may be fun or practical additions.

Janna absolutely loved the custom bag she designed with Dizaind. She highly recommends the company, and their user-friendly website, to anyone looking for a unique bag to fulfill their handbag obsession. Why rely on pre-made bag designs when you can fashion your own luxury purse! Visit Dizaind’s website here.


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