How to Save Your Dying Shoes

Who would you trust with your shoe repair? Shoe cobblers aren’t hard to find, but the quality of their work is another matter. If they try to rush a sole replacement, you might find yourself out in the rain with leaky shoes. The wrong glue while fixing high heels and you’re uncomfortable formal wear will suddenly be demoted to semi-formal almost-flats. There’s truth to the adage, “If you want something done, do it yourself.” DIY shoe repairs take focus and attention, but if you take the time to learn it’s far better than being stranded after a crappy job. Plus, you’ll be twice as motivated to get it right after entertaining thoughts of wet feet and cold toes. Be the solution to your dying shoes from now on with these DIY options.

DIY Shoe Repairs

DIY shoe repairs
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Your safety may not be at stake when your shoe is covered in little nicks, but your fashion prowess is. Don’t pass up the opportunity to improve your look when it’s this easy. A dab of colored nail polish will fill in a sizable nick well enough to fool all but the cruelest critic. If you prefer an even simpler solution, color over the nicks with a permanent marker.

heel tips
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It’s awkward when your heel wears down to the point that, everywhere you walk, the click follows you like an impetuous younger sibling. The stares you get will bear witness to the fact that everyone else hears the noise too. There’s an easy DIY shoe repair for fixing high heels. Heel Caps cover the metal nail to keep it from wearing down and stop the incessant clicking. Try a cap early before you have to worry about replacing the heel with a new metal pin.

shoe repairs
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You don’t have to run to a cobbler for the bigger fixes either. With Shoe Goo, one of the finest secrets of DIY shoe repairs, you can stick on a sole replacement or patch up gaping holes. Waterproof and transparent, the product was designed to be flexible. It can serve as glue or adhesive putty. Just beware Shoe Goo and Super Glue are not interchangeable. Super Glue will ruin your leather shoes.

shoe stretchers
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If you found the perfect pair of new pumps but can’t quite squeeze into them, have no fear. Make your impetuous purchase and trust this DIY shoe tip to keep your toes comfy and safe. Fill your shoe with a bag of water and put it in the freezer. Obviously, this trick won’t work for shoes that are multiple sizes too small but if they squeeze your toes just a little too tight, this will save you.

shoe repairs
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If you’re a luxurious kind of person and would truly prefer a cobbler, there’s a much better option than betting on the local cobbler. There’s a website that unites skilled cobblers throughout the world. All you need to do is send your broken shoe to Cobbler Concierge and an expert will get right on it. The company isn’t costly and they’ll even text you with updates as they do your repair. It’s one of the most effective blends of small business ethics and Internet corporate organization I’ve ever seen. While you’re at it, send your broken purse in for a repair too.

Now you know repairing a worn heel isn’t the end of the world. You can do your own sole replacement or find a skilled cobbler online without ever leaving your house. Whether you embrace DIY shoe repairs or prefer Cobbler Concierge take care of fixing your high heels, there’s absolutely no excuse to run around in dying shoes.


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