DIY Body Scrub

The Only DIY Face & Body Scrubs You’ll Ever Need

The minute a new cream, foundation, or wash hits stores or is advertised online, I’m the first to try it out. I can’t get enough of the latest and greatest beauty products. But there are some items I refuse to buy. Why? Well, because they’re entirely too easy and more than affordable to make yourself.

That’s right. That expensive sugar scrub you see in fancy packaging at the beauty supply store isn’t worth $50. It’s not even worth $20— because you can DIY at home with a few simple ingredients.

Every autumn, as the cold air begins to make my own skin a bit drier and more sensitive, I start making the 2 scrubs detailed below. As the years went on, I began packing the concoctions up in small jars as holiday presents. They’re effective, beautiful, and uber simple to put together.

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Splendid Sugar Scrub

Sugar is a great exfoliator. Through the help of carrier oil, the sugar in this scrub helps remove dead, dry skin and moisturizes your face and body. The best part is you can add any oil fragrance you like, from vanilla to peppermint, basil or lemon.

What You’ll Need:

1 Cup Granulated Sugar or Brown Sugar

1 Cup of a Carrier Oil such as Coconut, Olive, Argan, or Avocado

Pure, Food-Grade Essential Oil

Mix It Up:

Place the sugar and carrier oil in a bowl and stir thoroughly. Then, add a significant amount of essential oil. I tend to use around 30-40 drops per container because I prefer a potent scrub. However, you can add more or less depending on the scent you use. Remember, some oils are inherently more potent than others (for example, tea tree and peppermint).

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Coarse Café Scrub

Coffee isn’t just good for giving your brain an early morning jolt, it’s also an effective way to boost your skin’s circulation while you exfoliate. When you combined the goodness of ground coffee with sugar, you get the perfect blend of stimulating exfoliants.

What You’ll Need:

1 Cup Coarsely Ground Coffee

½ Cup Granulated White or Brown Sugar

¾ Cup of a Carrier Oil such as Coconut, Olive, Argan, or Avocado

Essential Oil (optional)

Mix It Up:

Start by mixing the “dry” ingredients together, which in this case is the coffee and sugar in a deep bowl. Then, add the carrier oil and optional essential oil. Slowly stir to incorporate the sugar and coffee into the oil.

Adjust the consistency by adding slightly more or less oil depending on your preference.

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Last Considerations

These two scrubs work perfectly as mild exfoliants. Use either one 2-3 times per week or as needed and you’ll keep your silky summer skin all year long.

To gift them, hone in on your inner “Martha Stewart.” Use mason or another small decorative jar, wrap with twine and label appropriately. Homemade beauty products like these make the best holiday, birthday or “anytime” gift.

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