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Here Are The Dior Luxury Handbags For Fall 2017

Dior entered the fashion world with an explosion of applause and recognition in 1947. The brainchild of famed designer Christian Dior, the brand persevered through a rocky beginning and financial instability to bring the design world what has gone down in history as the New Look of post-WWII France. Buoyed by this initial success, the brand went on to revolutionize fashion after the war and introduce a younger, more glamorous look across Western Europe. Since then the House of Dior has become an unforgettable part of luxury fashion and one of the most anticipated designers to host runways in New York. London, Paris, and Milan. Today, they are known for their ready-to-wear fashion collections as well as purses, perfumes, and other accessories. Check out these new entries in the brand’s enduring legacy as a luxury handbag label.

Image by Dior


Available in both black and red, this luxurious example of boho Parisian elegance features smooth calfskin leather and a signature clasp pulled from the history books. Structurally it’s a visual mixture of Dior’s classic purse, modern suitcases, and vintage luggage bags. The clasp is treated to give it an aged gold-tone look that evokes the more industrial characteristics of Art Deco. Simple to wear and easy to flaunt, you can be sure everyone will know you’re sporting a Dior bag thanks to the large lettering on its signature clasp. This is a perfect bag for semi-formal shopping trips and other occasions where you want to look chic as you go about those daily errands.

Image by Dior


Softer and slightly more flexible than calfskin, this bohemian-inspired lambskin bag has a little Game of Thrones thrown in the mix. While the body of this smaller bag is very much the same as Dior’s calfskin bag, the shoulder strap is made of red canvas adorned with aged silver medallions and patterned black detail. It’s one of those bags that makes a great conversation piece if you’re out at the bar on Friday night. For the ultimate fashionista application, try and find a dress with similar colors and shapes. If you can match a niche purse with a niche dress, more power to you.

Image by Dior


Are you a fan of lambskin looking for something a little less gaudy? Dior’s latest handbag collection has a few options for you. There’s this studded beauty with decorative golden dots lining a patchwork of diamond-shaped grooves. You also have a similarly patterned flap bag without the studs. Both feature the signature clasp and switch out the fabric strap for a gold chain. They’re surprisingly simple for 2017 high-end accessories. Grab one before you miss your chance.

Image by Dior


Made with textured leather and covered in a distinct Art Deco, this handbag is for the big things you need to tote around with you. It has a playful look about it, featuring the medallion-covered red strap from the lambskin bag and Tim Burton-esque lettering linked to the handle. Few designers can combine Art Deco, Boho, and Gothic aesthetics into one unified design. For those who like to push the envelope a little when it comes to handbag fashion, this Lady Dior would make the perfect gift.

Image by Dior


It’s a simple, jet-black tote that will hold the mountain of little things you need for day-long outings. Flexible and boasting multiple large pockets, you’ll have a section to store everything you need in an orderly fashion. Bland as this D-Bee handbag may be, not all purses need to be luxurious and decorative. Sometimes all you need is a spacious bag that functions the way you need it to. Never forget there’s nothing wrong with simplicity.

Image by Dior


A glossy take on the large pocketbook, this bag looks very architectural. It takes the Game of Thrones idea and goes full Tudor with the olden English themes. There’s a clasp that looks like a Medieval shield and metallic finish indicative of a knight in shining armor. Wear it anywhere you need a little extra boost in your small bag fashion.

Dior has built a strong reputation balancing innovation and luxury. These fresh bags fall right into that tried-and-true vein. Pick your favorite design and tuck it away in the closet. That way in September, you can transition in no time.


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