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Actress Dilireba Named Clarins Brand Ambassador

Chinese singer and actress Dilireba has officially been revealed as the new celebrity brand ambassador for Clarins skincare. The star, a longtime fan of the French cosmetics label, is set to promote the brand’s luxurious and anti-aging Double Serum in the Asia-Pacific region.

“I first learned about Clarins when I had just started my acting career, and my skin was not in good condition,” Dilireba said in a brand press announcement, via WWD. “A friend gave me a bottle of Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and I instantly noticed a difference on my skin after using the product only a couple of times. I have been loyal to Clarins since then and have always been committed to sharing the brand with others.”

“With their laboratories in Paris, Clarins has been pushing the boundaries of research and development to create the best natural formulas that are safe and highly effective, using plant extracts sourced from around the world,” the star added. “The brand is authentic, friendly and respectful of women — something I feel deeply connected to.”

The first photo shoot image from the partnership has been revealed, which features a radiant Dilireba holding up a golden bottle of Double Serum. The star has previously been part of Clarins’ journey throughout Paris video campaign series – and we look forward to seeing more from her!

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