Déjà Pillowcase

The Déjà Pillowcase Was Designed To Help You Fight Acne Breakouts While You Sleep

If you struggle with acne, you know that sometimes it feels like there’s no combination of face washes, topical treatments, or prescriptions out there that will soothe your skin or prevent your breakouts. While a lot of factors contribute to your breakouts, a new product called the Déjà Pillowcase is giving us one more option in the fight against blemishes.

This acne-fighting pillowcase is innovative because it’s created with eight separate layers of 100% cotton sheets. Each day (or as often as you’d like) you can peel back a layer of the pillowcase covering, so that you have a fresh surface for every sleep. Flipped-back sheets stay secured with a ribbon, so it won’t unravel no matter how much you toss and turn. It’s essentially like washing your sheets every single morning – without all of that hard work, water waste, and buildup of detergent (which can also irritate your skin.)

Déjà Acne Pillowcase

During your slumber, oil from your hair, hands, and face build up on the surface of the pillowcase. And while some of those oils are essential to keeping your skin in balance, rubbing your face on old oil each night can clog your pores and aggravates acne even more. Plus, there’s dust, dirt, and leftover makeup to consider!

“Many makeup and hair products have comedogenic properties— and it’s difficult to avoid a bit of residue being left over, even after showering. This residue then transfers to the pillowcase— perhaps not a big deal after one night of rest, but Americans on average wash their sheets every 2-3 weeks. That’s a lot of buildup!” the brand shared. “The déjà pillowcase was developed as an easy way to combat these acne triggering particles. We made it out of soft 100% cotton for its moisture-wicking properties and breathability. There are no silver ions or essential oils in the fabric, as there are health concerns surrounding these and the antibacterial properties lessen overtime.”

Déjà Acne Pillowcase

What an innovative idea!

If you want to try out the Déjà pillowcase for yourself, you can pick one up for $44 over at getdeja.com.

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