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Give Your Locks a Boost with Customized Haircare

Customization is taking over every category in the beauty industry. You can personalize makeup, nail polish, fragrances, and even skincare products. Now, innovative manufacturers are getting serious about custom designing on the final frontier of personalized beauty. In 2017, the next big thing in haircare trends is customizable shampoos! This new phenomenon started to gain traction in March when a few brands implemented online quizzes to help customers design hair products suited to their personal needs. Following in the footsteps of fragrance customization, these quizzes guide you through simple specifications to narrow down specifics like hair type, scents, and lathers. Here’s an in-depth look at why you need customized haircare products in your life this spring.

customized haircare
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The personalized hair industry draws most of its inspiration from customized skincare. Unlike makeup and nail polish, hair and skincare products are based more on health-based needs. When you’re making your selection with an online survey or quiz, you’re looking at function rather than color. Professionals then mix various oils, chemicals, and ingredients to satisfy your specifications. It’s more of a scientific process than aesthetic craft. This distinction may be why it took longer for these two beauty categories to enter the customization sector. Designing accurate quizzes that could communicate individual preferences and needs took time. So did researching thousands of specific chemical combinations.  Though it delayed these custom product lines until now, we’re glad brands took the time to be thorough. It would be far worse to pay for customized haircare that couldn’t follow through on its promise.

customized haircare
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Most companies begin their online surveys by asking about your ideal head of hair. If you could change one characteristic about your locks, what would it be? It’s not a new question. You probably ask it all the time when you’re browsing the shampoo aisle at the grocery store. The key difference here is that instead of looking through boxes of specific products already sealed up, you’re simply selecting a preference. It’s super simple and all the weight of finding a mixture that caters to your hair is on a panel of experts instead of you. In most situations, customization’s tendency to utilize technology in an intelligent way makes your life as a consumer much easier.

Another element customized haircare takes into consideration are previously applied hair treatments. Think about it. Shampooing your hair with a product that fades your dye or disrupts your perfect perm can be super frustrating. These details may not be characteristics of your natural hair, but they still play a big role in your daily hair routine. Rather than settling for the salon’s recommendation or looking through dozens of boxes on a shelf, add this to your list of custom specifications and let brand employees do your busy work. 

customized haircare
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Your hair preferences are important, but they aren’t the be-all, end-all of customized haircare. Shampoo preferences count too. Scent is a key element where you get to have free reign and the industry options are expanding every month. Soon you may have as many delicious shampoo smells to choose from as customizable fragrances. Another element of shampoo you can specify in an online customization quizzes is lather. Do you prefer your hair covered in light suds or luxurious bubbles? As you’ve probably gather from the various possibilities, customized haircare is super fun. It’s like a DIY project without the hassle or clutter-covered kitchen table. No wonder it’s transforming the way we look at shampoo and other hair products.

In 2017, you can craft your own customized haircare concoction. The industry has finally caught up with the rest of the beauty world. Don’t waste another minute in the haircare aisle when you’re out shopping. Everything you need you can find at home with a simple quiz on your computer.


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