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Give The Perfect Timeless Gift With A Custom Wristwatch

Everything can be customized these days. You can help mix custom facials and scrubs for your skin with a simple online quiz. There are programs to help you mix makeup colors for every part of your body. At some stores in Boston, you can even design personalized clothing on a state-of-the-art computer and have it printed by a 3D printer in under two hours. In 2017, you can manipulate anything in the fashion and beauty world to fit your exact preferences in a few easy steps. That applies to watches too. Though a little late to the game, design companies Shinola and Boomwatches have created an online system through which you can fashion the perfect piece of wrist candy. Time to embrace the masculine side of personalization fashion and try your hand at a sexy custom wristwatch.

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You’re probably asking yourself why it’s worth investing in a watch at all, much less a custom wristwatch. These days, people use phones to track the time. It’s true that traditional watches can’t compete with your smartphone or the Apple watch when it comes to information overload and digital innovation. A classic wristwatch is more about practicality and style. At the most basic level, glancing down at a piece of jewelry on your wrist is more efficient than scrummaging in your pocket for a phone. In a broader sense, wristwatches demonstrate sophistication and a sense of style. Research even shows that wearing a watch can make you more conscientious and acutely punctual. The biggest asset of wearing a wristwatch may be purely psychological, but who cares? If it makes you a better gentleman it will be money well spent.

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A watch is a very personal thing. There’s always a story behind it. This, above all else, is the reason you should design your own custom wristwatch. It’s a way to put your own story into a sexy piece of wrist candy without browsing through dozens of brands for the perfect style. What’s more, Shinola and Boomwatches make your job extremely simple. In a step-by-step process, you can choose everything from face color to strap material. Customizing your own watch will also help you adapt this key accessory to the rest of your wardrobe from the get-go. If you purchase a ready-made watch but want to make some modifications, the process can take weeks and even months. Choosing a custom wristwatch from the start means you’ll have everything you want from the first purchase. No more wading through middle men to get the watch you always wanted.

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These first custom wristwatch design tools let you choose different inserts, top rings, cases, and straps. It’s a wide enough selection to make a handsome custom watch, but there could be more variety when it comes what actual faces. Future platforms could allow you to mix and match more minute details. Imagine if you could select different fonts for the numbers, individual hands, and even add-ons like a barometer and 24-hour clock face. With lots of options to choose from, you can craft something even more personal that represents you and your fashion sense. That’s what customization is all about. It’s a way to make what you wear a summary of yourself. Expect to see more diverse watch styles become popular as custom wristwatch design continues to develop.

Wearing a custom wristwatch may seem old-fashioned but it’s worth the vintage look. A watch will make you a better man. Design yours so that it tells a compelling story too.


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