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Custom Patches Are a Rare Fashion Gem

In today’s fashion world, imagination is important for the consumer as well as the designer. The creative process has become a back and forth. Though social media sort of forced this trend on the industry at first, fashion is slowly learning to make the best of things. One of the ways designers are working personalization into their collections is with custom patches. Rather than focusing on intimate tailoring and custom design in every piece, these companies are creating clothes that put creative power in the hands of the wearer. With a custom patch coat or leggings, you get to choose the slogans and logos you wear in the street. This new way of looking at customization asks how consumers can tweak a design themselves. After all, only you truly know what makes you different and unique from everybody else.

patchwork coat
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Have you ever purchased one of those sweatpants with “Booty” or “Biatch!” written across the seat in block letters? It’s super sassy cute when you’re home or with your girlfriends, but if you’re packing for a week at the in-laws or making a late-night grocery run it might not be the best phrase to have scrawled across your butt. With custom patches, you can tweak those precious velour pants for any occasion with some simple, sturdy magnets. In 2017, patch leggings come with an alphabet of flexible, magnetic letters you can rearrange or remove from anywhere on your trousers. Spell out your school name for family events and save those racy slogans for naughty nights in. Despite how it sounds, this attire is surprisingly comfortable. Each magnetic patch is razor thin and coated with felt. You’ll barely notice them whatever variation you’re wearing. 

custom patches
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Custom patches won’t just make your day to day wardrobe adjustments easier. It will make each new iteration more fun! Consider the patchwork jacket. Before the advent of custom patches, adding a new logo or memorial patch was semi-permanent. If the placement was wrong or the circumstances changed, you had to pull out actual stitches. The hassle and sewing work required to transform a simple jacket into a creative tapestry made many people reluctant to let their inner designer loose. Today, magnetic patches are putting that fear to rest. When you shop for add-ons to your coat, you can choose from hundreds of symbols, logos, and phrases. When you have the perfect selection, arrange it on your coat however you see fit. You can even change your layout for different occasions and add and omit patches as needed. It’s a great way to keep your creative fashion juices flowing.

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When you have the power to adjust your own clothing, you can build outfits that are much more personal. Custom order options go back for centuries, but they take a months to put together. Custom patches play let you change and tweak your coat and leggings in the now. If you’re feeling particularly sassy or passionate on any given day, make up your own catch-phrase to let the world know how you’re feeling. In many ways, these patches translate the public forum culture of Facebook and Twitter into a fashion piece. It gives new meaning to the idea that how you dress is who you are. With one surprisingly simple little idea, whoever invented the custom patch tapped into a new world of instant fashion that is more personal and human than any ready-to-wear fashion show. Sometimes, genius strikes where you least expect.

In a customization-driven industry obsessed with the idea of fast fashion, custom patches offer a calming alternative. Don’t rush to the nearest instant gratification show to find your newest custom look. Embrace these personalized outfits instead. A few magnets are a whole lot better than braving a stampeding crowd. 


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