How to Get Day-Long Curly Hair Success

Curly hair can be troubling to maintain, especially when it’s natural. Frizz can go from looking cute to messy in a matter of hours. No, don’t let this happen to you. Your curls can last you more than the initial wash day. Some of these curly hair tips are no brainers, but some will require some work. I assure you that it’s all worth it. Richard Magazine has created this curly hair guide that can work for curls of all shapes and sizes! I’ve personally tried all of these tricks, so I hope they’ll help you!

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It starts with the products. Sometimes the best curly hair products are the simplest ones. Try to limit the products you use post-wash to just one. This will keep your hair from feeling heavy and sticky. My favorites are leave-in conditioners with some sort of curl enhancing element.

Finding the right haircare product for your curls is a trial and error process, but I’ve found that the O’Pro Organic Protein Curl Vitalizer keeps my hair from weighing down and eliminates a substantial amount of frizz. Although, I do like some frizz at times.

And then it’s how you apply it. Run the product through your hair (while keeping in mind the consistency and amount you use) by finger-combing to have it evenly applied. You can give drier areas some extra love.

Scrunch, scrunch, and scrunch. Until the word loses meaning. Really though; divide your hair into five or six portions and take a lot of time scrunching each part individually. This will define each section equally-even those parts that are less curly than others.

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What I like to do with each section is this: cup the bottom of the section in your palm and continue cupping until you get to the top of your head- secure with a hair tie or bobby pins. This defines the curl pattern because you’re essentially making a permanent scrunch. I recommend leaving them in your hair for no more than six minutes.

Live and let dry. Go about your day and don’t touch your hair because this will induce frizz. It might take 3-hours or more for thick, dense hair to dry. Make the sacrifice. Right before your hair dries completely, fold your head over and shake out your curls from the roots. Your hair should be a voluminous, beautiful mane at this point.


Sleep Smart. Depending on your curl type, (tight, wavy, loose, coil-y, spiral, thick, thin, etc.) you’ll need to choose the way you sleep accordingly. If your curls are very defined, twist your hair into different sections (more than 5) and secure them with bobby pins. If your hair is wavier, try a few braids. The pineapple, however, works for many hair-types.

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Pineapple-ing your hair won’t crease your curls as you sleep. Fold your head over and make a ponytail with a hair tie. My trick is to not make any twists on the tie, just let it sit (I like to put a bobby-pin between the hair tie and my hair so it won’t loosen.) Then take the open end of hair and secure it to the top of your head with bobby pins or leave ends free.

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Restyle and refresh. If your hair has survived the night, freshen up your curls with some water and either the same product from the day before (though not too much), or with a mist like this one. This will add life to your hair. Scrunching will redefine the curls that have been flattened, so do not forget this important step when styling second day hair.

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Be creative. Your curly hair pattern may not look the same on day three as it did on day one. You can freshen up your hair up until the next wash, but don’t forget that you have creative freedom with curls! Add a messy bun with free curls in the front. Incorporate bangs into your look, or make a wild ponytail.

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