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Sally Hansen Creates Crayola-Inspired Metallic Nail Polish Collection

Do you remember those childhood moments where you’d proudly whip out your Crayola 64-pack of crayons to create a masterpiece in your fresh new coloring book? So many inspiring color options, and so many chances to allow your imagination to run wild! Now, the new Crayola Sally Hansen “Glam Rock” nail polish collaboration brings all that childlike creativity to your next manicure – with a metallic twist.

This season, Sally Hansen has launched 12 new highly-pigmented nail colors inspired by your old reliable box of crayons. Nothing brings back the nostalgia for those elementary school days quite like Crayola’s recognizable packaging, which is why its signature swirl of a logo adds such a playful touch to these nail varnish bottles.

Not every color in this collection is a rainbow bright (there are also some silvers and bronzes in the mix), but it certainly is packed with some statement-making hues.

The shades in this 12-piece Glam Rock line are metallic tributes to classic Crayola colors, including Alloy Orange, Sonic Silver, Razzmic Berry, Big Dip O’Ruby, Shimmering Blush, Metallic Starburst, Bittersweet Shimmer, Sheen Green, Metallic Seaweed, B’Dazzled Blue, Deep Space Sparkle, and Blaze of Bronze.

The steady focus on glitter, chrome, and metallics is intentional on the part of the Sally Hansen brand. While the ultra-shimmer shades are futuristic and on-trend, they also manage to bring an extra dose of throwback nostalgia.

“Right now I’m seeing a lot of early 2000s inspiration in fashion — chrome wrap sunglasses and metallic leather — and metallic makeup trends, like overly illuminating highlighters and metallic lipsticks,” Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen’s Global Color Ambassador, told Refinery29 of the collection’s inspiration. “Nails tend to follow fashion and beauty trends.”

Previously, Sally Hansen dropped a range of Insta-Dri nail varnishes inspired by the Crayola brand’s primary colors. You may still be able to pick up these shades at places like Ulta and Walmart.

Click through the gallery below to see each shade in the Crayola Sally Hansen “Glam Rock'” nail polish collection.

Click on individual images to expand tiles and view as a gallery.

The best part of this fun line? Just like your favorite Crayola crayons, the nail polishes are affordable and accessible enough that you can pick up a few colors to play with! You can find the Crayola Sally Hansen line at select drugstores for $5 per shade.

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