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Couture Fashion Accessories Everyone Should Own

If you were the literal Miss Vogue or Elle, what would you wear to fashion week? It sounds like a silly question, but stick with us. Fashionistas and celebrities attend fashion shows every month along with plenty of magazine editors, staff writers, and famous bloggers. Among these fashionable writers who write about the latest trends, there is a kind of sartorial code. It has come to be known as Miss Vogue attire, or rather, what the legendary magazine would wear if it was a human entity of its own. The reason this is significant for you to know is that if you ever decide to try and wander into a fashion show, you’ll have a better chance if you sport at least one of these specific wardrobe items. They’re also just trendy haute couture pieces to keep on your person for an extra dose of stylish sophistication. Here’s what you should be wearing to look like a pro critic according to the experts.

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A city piece the world will applaud, donning a beret automatically raises your status as a fashionista well above the rest of the crowd. Besides, it’s a classic straight from the French capital where Couture Fashion Week is held each year. Opt for a monochrome cap rather than something checkered or plaid. You want your topper to easily fit with any outfit you slip on, so the less complicated it is the better.

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Be it 80s aviators or 90s moody lenses, giving your eyes the shielding power of a pair of shades is cool, rogue, and just concealing enough to keep your true opinion about each collection discreetly to yourself. Besides, nerdy chic is very much a thing this season. If you can find pastel eyegear, it will have nearly the same effect.

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It sounds like a tragic style sin to clomp into a fashion show in bejeweled sliders, but these casual sandals are quickly becoming the warm weather shoe of choice. You shouldn’t waltz in wearing rubber soles and Adidas straps, of course, but some embellished Zara sliders will decorate your feet well. Make sure your selection includes something pronounced, like a stunning color or unique texture. The more unique you can be, the better.

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Yes, boots in the summertime are totally a thing. They can be anything from leather cowgirl style to stiletto heels with fabric that comes up to your calf. Don’t get it in your head that this piece of fashion advice only applies when it rains either. Vibrantly colored footwear is trendy no matter what the weather and you’ll be able to preserve a brilliant scarlet or deep cobalt better if the conditions are sunny and fair. Summer boots aren’t about function at all. They’re simply about standing out from the crowd with top-notch footwear.

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These aren’t your grandmother’s decorative white gloves from the 1950s. In 2017, the haute couture you wear on your hand is lightweight and transparent, more about decadence than protection. Pick something that makes you feel like a princess and run with it. Every once and a while, it’s good to make a point of feeling special.

Couture fashion accessories make up some of the most refined designs out there. Even five of the top selections will make you look like a pro whether you’re a veteran fashionista or just starting out in the industry. So get shopping and let runway season begin!


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