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Learn the Story Behind Congés Fine Jewelry’s Designs – Exclusive Interview

Congés Fine Jewelry was founded by Los Angeles-based designer Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna. The handcrafted jewelry brand name comes from the French term meaning “to be on holiday,” which should give shoppers a sense of the calming and re-energizing feeling these accessories are meant to bring wearers.

The brand creates necklaces, earrings, charms, rings, bracelets, body chains, and more gold accessories using powerful stones like amethyst, emerald, citrine, garnet, rose quartz, and more. To learn more about the influences behind the company and each unique product, the Richard Magazine team spoke with Penna to hear the full story. Check out our exclusive Q&A interview below.

Richard Magazine: Can you tell us about the origins of your brand, and how the initial idea became a company?

Jasmine Penna: I enjoy stories about ancient cultural traditions, about nature and the people we meet in random encounters. It can be about almost anything and I will want to know about it. In the world of product or a brand, I care about the people behind it. What circumstances where they in need of prior to inventing that item themselves, then producing it. In any service business, I want to know what circumstances did they live through and experience to come up with that idea.

Congés was a combination and cumulation of a need, incorporated with my personal interests, beliefs, in efforts of displaying it in a fashionable way. I created Congés Fine Jewelry for someone like myself. Story telling, keeping memories alive with unique memorabilia without collecting clutter, without overspending on something you keep in a drawer. I wanted to design meaningful pieces that are unique to wear daily, collect, gift, or pass on as a keepsake. The interest of crystals; and designing/ creating something new and different is just how I have always wanted to live my life. These are the ingredients that ignited Congés Fine Jewelry.

Congés Fine Jewelry Rose Bracelet

Richard Magazine: What were some of your earliest product designs, and how has your line expanded since?

Jasmine Penna: My Signature collection was the first standalone piece that I made. I got a design patent on this design. I encorporated multiple stones/properties and worked diligently to make it a versatile design. My goal was to simultaneously create pieces from different ancient cultures that have been adopted by many. The Third Eye design is the second design patent received. From there, my mission and vision for the brand has been slowly coming to life. I’ve had the designs in my head and on scratch paper. I just needed to unfold them in stages.

I look forward to waking up every morning and getting physically closer to seeing my work come to life.

Richard Magazine: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Jasmine Penna: [I’m] inspired by the spirituality of ancient cultures, and paying homage to heritage through designs. Congés Fine Jewelry accentuates the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and power of thoughts. Each distinct collection features aspects of fall’s biggest trends combined with the healing energy and raw, natural beauty of Mother Earth.

Congés Fine Jewelry

Richard Magazine: Can you share a bit of the process about how each accessory is made?

Jasmine Penna: First is inspiration. Mine comes from those around me and all the different things I experience with everywhere I go and people I meet. I come from a line building background so I then start with a story board. The notion is simple: start wide, then narrow down. I then have a discussion with my mother, as her confirmation plays a role in my decision making process. My mother’s choices have continuously resulted in success. I also try to understand the demographic it appeals to and what more they might be looking for.

Finally, I begin my search for manufacturers and develop my molds towards self-satisfactory perfection in quality and durability. I refuse to settle for lesser quality work. I like imperfections, no- I love imperfections, but they have to be natural imperfections. I have thrown away expensive molds and started from scratch.

Richard Magazine: Where does your commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly materials come from?

Jasmine Penna: Sustainable and environmentally conscious, Congés Jewelry is made in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest attention to quality and detail. With respect for all materials, we source our precious metals, jewels and stones from those who have a genuine love for what they do. Primarily never treated, Congés crystals should be appreciated for their unique beauty and value.

Congés Fine Jewelry

Richard Magazine: What are some of your most popular products currently?

Jasmine Penna: The best-selling is the Signature Collection, and I feel it’s the foundation of complete enlightenment. Providing metaphysical energy that amplifies love, balance, and vitality this delicate assortment is designed in 18k gold. All stones are kept in their raw, natural beauty that exudes positive and protective energy. Other pieces that seem to be very popular right now are the scarab collection pieces. It’s astonishing- we are in a time of change and embracing all that we are ready to become. The scarab embodies all of that. I designed the wings of the scarab for one to feel empowered the moment they see the lines and shapes.

Richard Magazine: How do you suggest shoppers find their perfect stone?

Jasmine Penna: It’s based on gravitation. You must not think about what you are typically attracted to or what you think you want. Your body subconsciously will tell you.

I had a lady who had planned to see me at a pop up trunk show. She had set in her mind that she was going to get a signature rose quartz in yellow gold. She walked up without looking at my case and said this is what I want. I said, “sure ma’am, nice to meet you. Go ahead and pick it up and I’ll get you the chains to pick from.”

I opened the case and she picked up the smoky quartz. She asked “Is this the Rose Quartz?” I handed her the information card on Smoky Quartz and she began to tear up. “This is exactly what I need,” she said.

My point with this story is even if you are looking online. Don’t just put into the search box a specific stone. Go to a brand of even Google images and look into different crystals. Just keep scrolling until your finger stops scrolling. There is a reason you stopped there. It could be the color and how that makes you feel, then research its properties. There is no real way to shop for them. It’s just that, often times we think we need something for example: love and throw on a rose quartz, and maybe you really do need that rose quartz but not for what you think you need it for. Maybe you need it to heal and love yourself first?

Richard Magazine: If you could only have one jewelry piece in your personal repertoire, what would it be?

Jasmine Penna: Extremely difficult question. I cannot imagine not having on my Rose Quartz Signature with my son’s initial on it. But I think I have to have my third eye malachite.

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