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Baking Soda and Coconut Oil: The Perfect Budget-Friendly Facial

As unappetizing as a baking soda and coconut oil facial sounds, hear us out. We’ve all been there. Waking up the morning before that long-awaited date night to find a pimple in the most obvious, obtrusive place imaginable. Of course, it’s on just the right part of your nose so that no amount of concealer is going to hide its horrible lumpy shape. Your beautiful skin is ruined and that romantic evening you had planned trickles down the drain in a hurry. This dramatic scenario is why you need to seriously consider covering your face in baking soda and coconut oil. It’s easy to find, simple to make, and surprisingly effective on all types of skin. Here’s the official breakdown on why this trendy mixture is all you need to keep that face fresh and clear this summer.

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You need to be nice to your skin. Even if you never face swelling or itching after an aggressive facial, scraping off too much skin is no way to avoid a breakout. It can leave you more susceptible to infection since your skin is sitting there raw and inviting. Take the time to maintain your glowing complexion wisely. With a baking soda and coconut oil facial, you can cleanse your face without having any residual damage.

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Big name facial cleansers are full of chemicals. They don’t all have the same amount of artificial ingredients, but unless you like pouring over lists of ingredients at the store it’s hard to come home with the safest option. If you trust in baking soda and coconut oil, these complications all fade away. The non-toxic blend will help balance your pH and guard against bacteria without aggravating your renewed complexion.

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When you can find a beauty treatment that abides by the term “less is more,” you’ve accomplished something special. Usually, facials and other skincare products feature a list of ingredients full of intimidating chemicals you can’t pronounce. Don’t let yourself get trapped using a boxful of mysterious substances. Just embrace baking soda and coconut oil. There’s nothing complex about them and you can find both ingredients at your local supermarket.

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 Investing in a baking soda and coconut oil facial is so casual it doesn’t even feel like an investment. It’s more like one of those homemade concoctions you throw together when there’s nothing else left in the house to try. There’s no special blending process either. You simply mix the ingredients in a small bowl and adjust the recipe according to your skin.

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These basic facials are DIY beauty at its best. It’s just a matter of mixing and massaging. The adjustments are easy and straightforward too. For sensitive skin, add twice as much coconut oil as you have baking soda. If you need a thorough exfoliation, blend an equal amount of each. Once you’ve smeared it across your face, let the mixture do its work for two or three minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

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There are plenty of practical reasons why you should try a baking soda and coconut oil facial, but the most significant thing about this homemade concoction is that it works. Together, baking soda and coconut oil can heal acne scars, moisturize rough skin, and keep your pores free and clear. With natural chemicals to help neutralize imbalances in your skin, this is one home remedy that’s not some old wives’ tale.

Baking soda and coconut oil facials check off all the requirements for an ideal beauty product. They’re affordable, all-natural, and soothing on any type of skin. Apply one coat daily to evade those pre-date jitters and guarantee an acne-free face whatever the occasion.



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