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Coachella Beauty Looks You Need to Try This Summer

Coachella looks never disappoint. Whether it’s bows and braids galore or brash, energetic colors, a stroll through the glittery, hipster-filled fields will always cure even the most uninspired fashion beauty mind. Usually, the clothes are pretty predictable. You’ve got your lacy dresses, wide-brimmed hats, excessive jewelry, and denim shortalls. If you’re lucky, you’ll probably find copper sunglasses and embroidered florals mixed in there too. It’s Coachella beauty looks that push the creative envelope. These are the styles every rebellious girl dreams to try, designs like purple hair and floral eyeliner. With the first weekend over, it’s time to countdown the best of Coachella beauty so far. You decide which wild makeover to adopt this spring.


Kylie Jenner’s Coachella beauty looks gave us two incredible hair colors to play with. The first was a highlighter-yellow tint with dark roots that was anything but subtle. It gave off a cartoon vibe, the perfect balance of playful and compelling. However, it also matched her light, pre-Coachella skin just a little too well. It was clear the look would suffer when paired with the wrong tone of richly tanned skin. That’s why we opted for this Scott Pilgrim vs. The World look boasting some of the purplest hair in recent beauty memory. Forget about those gentle pastels everyone is talking about. It’s time to go purple crazy.

desert chic
Image by Teenvogue


In 2016, we got a refreshing helping of Western Chic during the fall fashion season. This year, Western has narrowed its focus and embraced the arid deserts of Arizona and California. Subtler than her sister but still just as trendy, Kendall Jenner was the perfect example of Desert Chic during Coachella’s first weekend. It just goes to show how simple a beauty look can be. With bold red lips and traditional eyeshadow a la Elizabeth Taylor, this Coachella beauty look is one any Americana lover needs to try.


You’d expect Jasmine Tookes to bring her A-game to an event like Coachella, and the famous model didn’t disappoint. Check out her natural metallic lips and slightly darkened eyelids. This is a masterclass in adapting contemporary trends into an everyday look. With the right blend of moisturizer and shimmer finish, you can give your cheeks and skin a little shimmer without ever touching that messy bottle of glitter powder. Plus, if you can combine skincare and makeup into one Coachella-worthy look, your skin will love you.


Colorful eyeliner has been around since January, but no one has fully embraced the trend yet. You can bet that will change after Lady Gaga’s duo-shade eyeliner look from last weekend. Black on the top and purple on the bottom, it’s the perfect blend of raw and refined. The idea may not be as daring as Gaga typically is, but Coachella beauty looks thrive on subtlety. At least this look is more manageable than a dress made of meat or metal hair spikes.


There is no question this elaborate hairdo came from Coachella. It’s braided up just like you’d expect music festival locks to be. If you can do up your hair like this, who cares if  people stare? They’ll all be secretly jealous of you artistry. Notice the bold pink shade used here too. It seems hair color trends are leaning more toward dark and vibrant colors than genteel pastels. Cotton candy hair isn’t gone, but you’d be better off going bold.

Hair colors, two-tone eyeliner, and naturalistic metallics were the Coachella beauty looks of choice at this year’s first week. What will the fashionistas uncover by the time week two rolls around? Stay tuned to find out!


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