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You Should Be Clothes Shopping With Your Significant Other

According to some style experts, men are better at clothes shopping than women. This doesn’t mean they make better choices or shop with more enthusiasm. Nothing could be further from the truth. The idea that men shop better is rooted more in technique. Men, many times due to their lack of interest in fashion, don’t usually browse. They grab what they need and high-tail it out of the store to less tedious surroundings. Now, rarely are men’s lists as specific as they should be when it comes to buying clothes, but there’s something to their straightforward approach to shopping. If you could combine that efficiency with the stylish prowess of a die-hard fashionista, your trip to the mall would be perfect. This fall, make your shopping spree a marriage rather than some battle of the sexes with these easy tips.

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Yes, there’s such a thing as shopping spree prep. It’s the step most fashionistas forget. Before you rush to the mall on a whim, take a moment to really analyze your wardrobe. Maybe the latest shredded t-shirt from H&M isn’t essential, but their new jacket is just what’s missing from your fall wardrobe. Taking stock doesn’t preclude the option of browsing like many men think. It just helps your impetuous purchases to be less, well, impetuous.

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They say planning a shopping spree is a guy thing, but that’s not entirely true. When it comes to the detail work, ladies certainly have the upper hand. Drawing up a shopping list for your trip to the mall requires a sharp eye. You don’t just need pants, you need grey suit trousers or semi-formal dark jeans. Maybe your business blazers are up to snuff, but none of them quite fit the bill for a formal gathering. Never oversimplify when it comes to fashion. It’s the cardinal sin.

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Thrift stores and independent sellers weren’t always a style attraction. Before 2010, they were the last place a fashion-conscious person would go shopping for trendy clothes. This decade, thanks to the DIY craze, nostalgia is in. It would be a mistake not to browse a few vintage brick-and-mortar stores. If you prefer to shop from the sofa, surf independent sellers online like Vintage Sponsor and Roodboi.

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Basically, it’s the male equivalent of ModCloth. Online shopping doesn’t get better than this if you’re looking for trendy casual clothes at an excellent price. Though most of the options are for full-on bros and dudes, there’s enough of a couture selection to appease all but the pickiest shoppers. These two retails are absolutely essential for any efficient, fashionable shopper. Get familiar with them ASAP.

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Brand names are great and all, but there’s more to fashion than the big guys. When you have a moment, take some time and scroll through the independent designs on e-commerce sites like Etsy or second-hand vintage on Ebay. Despite what some people say, there are always treasures hiding in small corners of the clothing world. Be bold enough to search for them.

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This is fashion. You’re going to get carried away at some point, there’s no question. The important thing is to know how to pull yourself back from the precipice. If you’ve got a list in hand, it’s much easier to keep things under control. Ogle all you like, but stick to the pieces you truly need. That’s how wise style kings and fashion queens do it. I promise you can be indulgent without resorting to chaos.

When it comes to clothes shopping, men can learn a lot from women. Women can also learn a lot from men. Maximize your power as a consumer and embrace both techniques. It takes two to tango, even in the fashion world.


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