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Closet Organizing Tips To Help You Finish Spring Cleaning

Organizing your closet is no easy feat. If you’ve been throwing things in it for months without ever straightening up, wading through the messy chaos is a terrible chore. Even if you’re breaking in some new storage space, deciding how to store your precious wardrobe is one of the most stressful fashion tasks you’ll ever undertake. Luckily, you’re not alone in your quest for closet organizing tips. As spring cleaning season ends, many people are returning to their infamous cluttered closets for one final battle against the mess. Don’t let your inexperience or tired mind keep you from prettying up your storage space for the summer. With a few simple steps, you can easily transform clutter into tidiness. Follow this advice and you’ll have a breeze browsing your closet for the perfect outfit this summer.

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It’s not a rule of thumb you should stand by in your dating life, but when it comes to the clothes in your closet 12 months should be a deal-breaker. If you haven’t worn something for an entire year, it probably shouldn’t be taking up closet space. Throw it out and make room for something new you’ll actually wear. One the fence about a particularly memorable outfit? Put it aside for a day and come back with a clear head. If you realize you really won’t wear it again, endure the tearful goodbye and leave it in a donation bin.

closet organizing tips
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Few things are worse than an underwear hoarder on cleaning day. Their panties keep popping off the shelf like clowns from a mini car. Though undergarments are important, you only need 10-12 pairs of quality products. Get rid of any old and frayed items and keep your underwear storage area contained. It’s one of the easiest closet organizing tips out there. To take up even less space, roll your undies to keep them easily separated. Just don’t cheat! Rolling is a great way to save space, but don’t let it seduce you into sneakily keeping pairs you don’t need.

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Keeping tons of clothes that don’t fit you for that dream day when they will again is dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with a few incentivizing pieces, but shelves of products you can’t wear shouldn’t be taking up space in your closet. Have an honest conversation with yourself about what is realistic to keep and what would better benefit someone else. Then, head to the donation bin or sell those clothes on eBay. Honesty is the best policy here. Your wardrobe and your body will thank you.

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Stop ignoring those missing buttons and stuck zippers! Grab those outfits you’ve been promising to fix for months and embrace the fashion adventure that is DIY repairs. Removing all the ailing clothes from your closet will save space and motivate you to save the pieces you sincerely want to wear again. If you’ve been dodging a repair because you really don’t like an item, get rid of it. At that point, it’s just a sad weed taking up space in your garden of fabric flowers.

closet organizing tips
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General organization may sound like a redundant thing to include on a list of closet organizing tips, but it needs to be stressed. Once you’ve sorted through the clutter of your unkempt wardrobe, sort and label to your heart’s content. You really can’t overdo this step of the process. Take inventory of what you own so you don’t keep buying clothes already taking up space in your closet. Hang your wardrobe by color or category. Learn to use shoe trees, tie your scarves, hang those belts, and fold pieces into your drawers in sectioned piles. Clearing out your wardrobe is great, but the real feat of spring cleaning is putting everything back so you can find what you love again hassle-free.

They take work, but these closet organizing tips the workout. If you tidy up right you’ll escape a world of stress picking out outfits and shopping for new clothes. Fashion should be fun! Take the time to assure it will be.


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