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Proenza Schouler Is Launching a Ready-To-Wear Collection Called PSWL

If you are already a fan of Proenza Schouler’s glamorous runway collections, you are going to love the label’s latest venture: a ready-to-wear line called PSWL. The affordable “Proenza Schouler White Label” is set to launch on the brand’s own e-commerce page plus Nordstrom, Farfetch, The Webster, and more on November 6.

The designers behind the brand explained that many of the classic wardrobe essentials that make up most customers’ everyday outfits were missing from their regular collection – so they made a big effort to expand.

“Things like T-shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts really are just a part of the way people dress these days. It started to feel wrong to us that we weren’t exploring these types of garments within the context of the collection,” designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez said. “We’ve always wanted to be a one-stop shopping destination for those who respond to the work we do, and without offering this other end of the spectrum as part of their shopping experience, it somehow, to us at least, felt incomplete. With PSWL we hope to have solved that.”

The garments for the debut PSWL collection are modeled by actress Chloë Sevigny in a series of high-fashion photo shoot pics. Both designers said that having the star be a part of their line launch means a lot to them on both personal and fashionable levels.

“Chloë has always been a dear friend of ours. Besides her huge heart, her style is iconic and truly inspiring,” they said. “She can mix a bit of high fashion with a bit of the street like no one else. She was the first person we thought about when putting PSWL together and the only person who, in our minds, could front the launch of this. We have unbridled love and admiration for that girl.”

PSWL is expected to debut with garments starting at around a $195 price point, and scale up from there. This is a great chance for new shoppers to get introduced to the Proenza Schouler family… and longtime customers will love being able to pick up their style stapes from this collection.

Check out Chloë Sevingny modeling Proenza Schouler’s latest PSWL designs below.


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