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Introduce Your Kid To Haute Couture With These Children’s Clothing Brands

Haute couture for kids sounds like a well-dressed parent’s wild fantasy, but it’s much more real than that. Far from being an eccentric dream, children’s clothing is a hot new market for companies of high caliber to make some extra dough. This little microfashion trend began earlier this decade when celebrity parents like Beyoncé and Jay-Z began Instagramming Blue Ivy in custom-made designer clothing. Not to be outdone, other stars and wealthy folks followed suit and suddenly kids with fashion sense were all the rave. You ask where metrosexuality and tween fashion bloggers came from? This new branch of the fashion industry that plunges younger and younger is probably to blame. But enough with social conjecture. If you want to dress your child in designer clothes, go right ahead! Here are our favorite children’s clothing brands if you need a bit of inspiration.


Kids should feel free to be kids even if they are dressed up to the nines. This Swedish brand understands these requirements and designs all their collections with an energetic blend of playfulness and sophistication.


If you want to dress your toddler in a trendy romper, this is the label for you. They make clothes for both adults and children from an impressive selection of eco-conscious fabrics. Plan things right and one stop at Macarons will benefit the entire family.


A true fashionista appreciates vintage style no matter how old they are. Whether you’re raising a future stylist or casual fashion vlogger, every trendy kid deserves the chance to parade tailored British couture about school sometime.


Unapologetically colorful, these Belgium-based designers are reworking summer’s vibrant trends as microfashion. Featuring neon scarves and decorated waistcoats, there’s nothing but fun going on at this kid’s clothing brand.


Every girl will be proud to have a colorful dress or romper from this UK designer. She makes floral print dresses galore along with simpler outfits imitating classic European trends. There’s no doubt your little one will look refined and adorable in one of these dresses.


How do you name your company that and still attract an audience of youngsters? This French brand doesn’t have a good answer, but they sure make popular clothes. Modeling each design after vintage 80s attire, it’s the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of headbands and leg warmers.


The ASOS for kids 12 and under, Molo manages to work almost every major fashion trend into its unique collection of trendy children’s streetwear. Is your toddler begging for a floral-covered onesie with a gray backdrop? You’ll find one here.


Every child loves exciting pajamas. It’s super cool to go to sleep covered in the Batman logo or characters from your favorite show. Stoggenjunkie ups the ante for kid’s sleepwear with witty meme prints. They’ll get a kick out of each slogan and you’ll enjoy the subtlety lost on their innocent minds.


Not everyone likes to dress preppy, but those who do go all in. This Dutch company has taken the A&F aesthetic and played around with it to craft kid’s clothes that strike a perfect balance between feeling overbearing and looking appropriately chic.


Little ones don’t stay young for long, so treasure every moment you have. This brand headquartered in Denmark will make sure the fond memory of childhood is a happy one. It’s hard not to smile when you’ve got bunny ears on your stocking cap.


There’s something adorably playful about Tootsa’s use of color and traditional childrenswear designs. Featuring an array of raincoats, tops, and trousers, each piece is covered in a nature-inspired pattern perfect for tropical summer weather.

In some ways, haute couture for kids is less precise than for adults. While trends dictate most of what we wear, kids simply get to pick their favorite outfit and run with it. With choices this good, that’s a fun and enviable task. Too bad we can’t all run around in whatever we like every day.


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