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Chanel Debuts Trio of Unisex Fragrances Inspired By French and Italian Cities

What better way to celebrate the first day of summer than celebrating the arrival of a new trio of Chanel unisex fragrances? The newly-debuted range of Eau de Toilettes are way lighter and refreshing than the traditionally rich and floral fragrances you may be used to in the brand’s library. But they are no less powerful and statement-making.

The three scents are named Biarritz, Venise, and Deauville, which are not only beautiful destinations inspiring lovely scents, but places important to Coco Chanel herself. The stories behind each blend’s history are as breathtaking as the crisp fragrances themselves.

“This is a new sort of collection of perfumes, we call them Les Eaux because they’re fresh, fluid, sparkling. My source of inspiration came from haute cologne, those combinations of fresh citrus oils,” Chanel’s in-house perfumer Olivier Polge shared, via a Harper’s Bazaar interview. “The three cities are really important in the history of Chanel. They became a part of our identity and source of inspiration.”

To celebrate this new launch, Chanel debuted three campaign videos: one for each scent and its accompanying French or Italian destination.

Did you know that Deauville, a country town along the Normandy coast, was where Chanel’s first boutique opened up, back in 1913? “Epicenter of ambition and elegance, Deauville was in 1912 one of the most popular seaside resorts of the Belle Époque,” the brand shared on YouTube to accompany the video.

To capture this seaside vibe, this blend is comprised of basil, orange tree leaves, geranium, Sicilian mandarin, and a hint of jasmine.

Venice, Italy – or should we say, Venise – is the city where Coco first found her love for Byzantine and Baroque art, which continue to influence her historical label’s France-meets-Italy designs.

The brand itself calls this sensual mix of vanilla-y orange flower neroli, amber, and iris, “a fresh oriental fragrance inspired by a legendary city and its treasures of Byzantine and Baroque art that influenced Gabrielle Chanel.”

After setting up that initial boutique, the Chanel brand blossomed into a version of the couture megabrand it is today. For the third fragrance in this new trio, the label takes us to “Biarritz 1915, [when] Gabrielle Chanel designs an elegance that allows the personality of every woman to triumph.”

“She opens not a boutique but a couture house offering her a major victory: financial independence. She finds a sumptuous mansion, sets up a workshop, hires 60 women,” the brand shared about the history. Then, in 1918, “Gabrielle Chanel is an entrepreneur with 300 employees working in Paris, Deauville and Biarritz. Biarritz would reveal Gabrielle’s true self. She would become the woman she wanted to be, free.”

The Biarritz fragrance is the most conventional cologne-smelling of the three, made with a crisp mix of citrus notes like grapefruit and mandarin, plus a hint of lily of the valley, all with a synthetic that echoes the vibe of fresh air.

You can shop each of the new Chanel unisex fragrances on the designer beauty brand’s website now, for $130 per 4.2 fl.oz. bottle.

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