Chanel Pre-Fall Bag Collection

Chanel’s Unbeatable Pre-Fall Bag Collection

She may be famous for the little black dress and Chanel No. 5, but Coco Chanel was anything but a one-trick pony. Her innovative ideas have brought us incredible pieces of fashion time and time again. When the company began to falter toward the end of her life, it found another incredible designer in the mind of Karl Lagerfeld. In different but equally inventive ways, these two giants have made the name Chanel synonymous with success and unbeatable haute couture. People the world over trust this label and it’s not because Coco was a lovable personality. In recent years, Lagerfeld’s genius added a new category of wares to the traditionally clothing- and perfume-focused company. These new items are handbags, the accessory of accessories every fashionista loves to brag about. 2017’s Pre-Fall Bag Collection proves the brand is solidly entrenched in purse fashion prominence. Chanel lovers, this is for you.

red handbags
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With dozens of unique fabrics and a crushed gold chain, this small shoulder bag packs a lot of personality. It manages to be handy and compact without sacrificing the finer details of design. In a fall slated to be full of red dresses, make this your way of standing out.

Chanel purses
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Tastefully rustic wool is usually reserved for winter coats, but not if you’re challenging tradition. Lagerfeld was never one for playing by the rules. This bag reimagines unconventional handbag materials into a purse you can match with any outfit featuring black or white.

Chanel No. 5
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Everyone knows the signature Chanel product is fragrance No. 5. The scent permeates the brand’s legendary legacy and remains as popular today as it did when it debuted. It seems this famed smell of success even left its mark on this Pre-Fall Bag Collection. Why carry a conventional purse when your bag could look like a bottle of Chanel perfume?

slogan handbags
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Slogans and branding have played a huge role in 2017 fashion. They’re all over designer t-shirts, sports bras, and even custom jewelry. In Chanel’s Pre-Fall Bag Collection, it’s sayings and maxims that are on full display. This year, make sure you carry something witty.

floral handbags
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Though this bag looks like it’s just been plucked from some Hawaiian-inspired summer collection, critics are saying it belongs with your fall ensemble. Perhaps it’s the fact that red and orange are super hot this season. Either way, let the tropical print serve as a reminder of those warm summer holidays when the winter breeze starts blowing.

crushed gold
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Crushed gold straps are great, but an entire bag made of the crinkly materials is even better. It makes the ultimate metallic accessory. Try and mix this textured purse with a sheer bomber jacket or white jumpsuit for futuristic streetwear you can feel chic about.

Chanel's Pre-Fall Bag Collection
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Boxy book-shaped handbags are quickly becoming a fall signature this year. They aren’t very flexible, but if you can remember where the keys are they make perfect portable safes for your wallet, keys, and other precious stuff. This gaudy gold design will up your fashion game in the process.

purses with tassels
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Sometimes you miss your train and have to suffer through long, late night hours at the train station. On these occasions, and any other situations where you need an impromptu pillow, Chanel’s fringed handbag will be your savior. Who knew a trendy handbag could be this comfortable?

Chanel’s 2017 Pre-Fall Bag Collection offers various examples of the best of contemporary handbag design. With products like this, it’s no wonder the label’s legacy lives on. So, which trendy purse will find its way into your closet by fall?


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