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Futuristic Accessories From Chanel’s 2017 Runway

Karl Lagerfeld’s mysterious demeanor has always had an otherworldly quality to it. His black and white outfits seem uniformly futuristic and individualistic at the same time. It’s an impressive feat, one we wish he could share with us a little more openly in his collections. Turns out, he’s starting to do just that. Chanel’s Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection teased that metallic futurism with some sparkly tweed as if Lagerfeld were giving the crowd his take on astronaut fashion. For most of his pieces, the allusions to space were embodied in the fabric. It was the accessories, rocket ship bags and Saturn clutches, that elevated the space theme to a whole new level. Chanel’s 2017 accessories were some of the finest futuristic fashion pieces since the trend had its first heyday back in the 70s and early 80s. Any of these would make the perfect shimmering addition to your vintage wardrobe this year.

Chanel handbags
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Imitating both the rings of Saturn and those trendy holographic rainbows, this unique handbag is as futuristic as they come. Slip it into your summer ensemble for a clasp that changes color as your walk. It’s also a playful way to infuse your somber winter wardrobe with a little spark.

glittery boots
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2017 has already seen its fair share of glitter, but it was almost entirely on the beauty side of things. Before sparkling unicorn fashion completely dies off, grab your chance and give these glittery babies a go. The sophisticated ebony toe and heel gives them enough grounding to make sure you don’t look too glitter obsessed.

designer backpacks
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The silent pioneer of athleisure fashion has become a solid part of accessory design over the last few months. It’s time to stop considering a strap-on pack some by-gone relic from your 90s high school years. Stop lugging your purse around on one are and strap on this space-inspired bag.

chanel handbags
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What’s better than a rustic bucket bag? A little purse with the wings and a pointy-capped tip, of course. One of the most obvious allusions to Lagerfeld’s space theme, this module is a great way to limit what you keep with you every day. It’s also kind of cute if you’re into adorable bags.

jewelry cuffs
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Trying to bring back pearls seemed like a mistake, but quite a few fall collections are creating inventive ways to make the idea work. Chanel is one of those brands. This thick bracelet uses little pearls to reimagine the classic jewel as something out of a Star Wars film.

vintage fashion
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Futuristic fashion reached its full potential in the 80s, so it seems reasonable to incorporate some classic vintage style into a collection based around space-inspired outfits. That’s probably what brought about this headband, a jewel-encrusted decoration piece plucked right from workout fashion circa 1981.

arm warmers
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Every so often, punk fashion returns in a wearable incarnation. This fall, that version of the rebellious trend will be glittery arm warmers. These sparkly items are basically long sleeves you can wear without actually wearing long sleeves. If you really want to keep that spring top in the mix for September, here’s how you do it without freezing to death.

Chanel handbags
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It looks like a metallic shower head with water gushing from the punctures. A handbag no one will be able to look at without a double-take, this is the cream of the crop for purse aficionados who love to show off their brand name wares. It may also be the strangest purse of the season.

Chanel’s Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear accessories demonstrated the couture possibilities of space. Unlike vintage futurism, these pieces are far more interesting in glitter and glam than actual metallic. Lagerfeld doesn’t want you to feel like an astronaut, he wants you to feel like a fashionista with space-like accents. No that’s fashionable spacewear.


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