Céline Dion's new accessories line

A Peek At Céline Dion’s New Accessories Line

You’re going to have to wait until September to enjoy the bounty of Céline Dion’s new accessories line, but you can ogle while you wait. Maybe even drool. Dion isn’t known for collaborating on fashion lines, but she’s pulling out all the stops this year with bags and luggage rivaling the expertise at brands like Bugatti. That’s a big debut for the woman who skyrocketed to stardom on that overused 90s tune “My Heart Will Go On.” It’s nice to see her trying a hand at something new and appropriately challenging. There’s been a surprising amount of clamor around the star’s recent rise as a fashionista. Due to the excitement, Dion chose to release a special capsule of her collection back in February so the public could see what was coming. Will you be rushing to the store once fall hits for a chance at Céline Dion’s new accessories line?

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That broken heart blazer is to die for, but sadly it’s not a signature Céline item this fall. The singer is more interested in purses and handbags. Though overshadowed by her graphic coat and scarlet red boots, the Octave demonstrates the minimalistic characteristics of Dion’s accessories. They’re petite and simple without feeling cheap.

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Fitted with a textured outside pocket and multi-colored pom-pom decoration, this tote from Céline Dion’s new accessories line is playful and chic. The mixture of rough material and smooth leather will work perfectly with jeans and heels on a semi-formal Friday night. It’s streetwear qualities you don’t often see on a purse. Well done Céline for pushing the envelope a little.

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Sometimes plain and simple is all you need. Black and bland as this piece looks, there’s no shortage of quality or function when it comes to Céline Dion’s new accessories line. The Cavatina features dozens of detailed pockets so you have a place to store everything from your extra credit card to that good luck charm from college. If you want compact space that’s easy to carry and good on the eyes, give this a try.

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Metaphorically speaking, the grooves that adorn this bag could represent the ornamental flights of an opera singer’s voice. That’s probably where it got its name. Aside from that fun fact, this purse is notable for its visual texture. People will stop and stare when you wear this around because it’s interesting. That’s one of the best reasons for fashion attention. It would be great if the Vibrato actually caught on and became a popular purse trend this fall.

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Along with this sneak peak handbags, Céline Dion’s new accessories line will feature travel bags and suitcases. These items are said to use the same luxury fabrics and patent leathers revealed in Dion’s pre-release. If you’re planning a trip for September or the colder months, one of these spacious bags will give you all the room you need while keeping your luggage collection stylish and simple. Great designers like Louis Vuitton started out in travel bags. Could this be a sign of great things to come from Céline?

Moving on from her 90s fame, this newest line by Dion is shaping up to be artistic and high-end. Come September, wearing Céline on your arm might be a huge status symbol. Seems like 2017 is the perfect time to welcome this Canadian star back into the spotlight.


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