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Céline Dion Is Our New Favorite Fashion Diva

Céline Dion is quickly becoming the epitome of a fashion diva. We don’t mean diva in the conceited, upturned nose sort of way. Dion is simply one for those exclusive haute couture lines you only see on the runway. She is, essentially, extremely passionate about high fashion and has made it her mission to become one of its many celebrity faces. That’s what made her time at Paris’s Couture Fashion Week such fun to watch. Taking to social media as though she were the next millennial guru, the award-winning singer kicked off #CelineTakesCouture to help her fans follow the escapades of a devoted fashionista at one of fashion’s most decadent events. Through this series of Instagram photo shoots, Céline revealed to her fans how well versed she was in fashion as well as modeling some of the couture runway’s most wearable styles. Join us as we enjoy the best looks of fashion’s newest diva star.


Rocking a golden yellow canvas dress and signature Dior handbag, Céline emerged from her limo playfully trumpeting her unique persona.


In her big photo shoot with Vogue, Dion seemed to take on the role of Eliza Doolittle from the iconic musical My Fair Lady.

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@Regrann from @voguemagazine – "They see me; I don't see them," is Celine Dion's line on the great blob of paparazzi and fans that follows her everywhere. She gives them any picture they ask for, plus a great many more. Consider an appointment with at the house of Schiaparelli, where she poses for the creative director Bertrand Guyon on a window sill overlooking the Place Vendome. She wears a tiny whimsical dress of Swarovski chainmail re-embroidered with yet more crystals and high sparkly Victorian boots–a little Twiggy, a little Tina Turner. Says her dancer Pepe Munoz: "That's a rockstar!" Says Libby Hahn, who handles public relations for the house: "I am fairly certain she was a rockstar before she put on the dress." Says Celine's own longtime photographer Denise Truscello (a Canadian cinephile with her own rockstar style), thinking of the long lenses poised on the place below: "Is the dress pulled down in the back?" Says Celine Dion: "They might see my butt, but I don't think they mind." #CelineTakesCouture Photographed by @denisetruscello#weindastreets4real – #regrann

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When in Paris for Couture Fashion Week, you can get away with extravagantly gaudy attire. For Céline, over the top meant this whimsical bejeweled dress and sparkly lace-up boots.


Dion put creamy white to good use in this multi-layered look designed for the streets of Paris. Even her accessories, a wide-brimmed hat and boxy bag, were the same soft shade.

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Queen Celine says her hats are here to stay // Repost from @voguemagazine Celine Dion is frustrated by fashion's current revolving door policy, the relentless firings and hirings at the top (amen to that!). She is concerned that "the dream" of elegance is disappearing, for as much fun as she had in her beloved Vetements Titanic sweatshirt (and we have Law Roach for that brilliant post-ironic gesture!), she believe in the magic of hats, gloves and total looks, of a world in which Lisa Fonssagrives could step from the pages of Vogue and through the doors of today's Ritz. Mostly she laments the red carpet hordes with the incessant questions about whose clothes and jewels one is wearing. "Mine" is her answer. Fashion is public for Celine; jewelry is personal. Sometimes, when she is at home in Las Vegas and missing her partner Rene, she slips on a caftan and all her jewels, and quietly retreats to her bath, sans children, sans fans, sans circus. #CelineTakesCouture Photo by @sophfei.

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A glam room dedicated to shoes and designer bags is on many a wish list. Céline is cool enough to have a portable collection to take with her when she travels. If only we could all live in such luxury.


In addition to her Parisian photo shoot, Céline did a few haute couture videos for Vogue to showcase new runway trends. Here, she’s all about the return of the corset and futuristic plastic wear.


Harnessing that powerful pop voice that made her an international star, this clip for Vogue featured full-on florals in a decadent French castle. Let’s just say what happens at Couture Fashion Week stays at Couture Fashion Week.

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Celine casually trying to kill us😍 #celinedion #célinedion #celinetakescouture #Repost from @voguemagazine by @BatchSave ••• Much like the title of Celine Dion’s hit francophone album, Encore un Soir, Chanel’s many-petaled evening look holds all the intrigue of a romantic night out in Paris. And in shades of dusky pink and blue, the haute couture ensemble is touched with the same dreamy palette as a sunset on the River Seine. Featuring @CelineDion in @chanelofficial Director @gvsgvs Fashion Editor @jordenbickham Hair @juliendys Makeup @patmcgrathreal Producer @kelmcgee23 for NAAKT House Production @prodn_artandcommerce Director of Photography @daniellucasbouquet Set Design @migsbento Post Production @dtouch_official Filmed at @bateauxmouches

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Taking the 90s in stride, Céline’s black ponytail ribbon and hipster hat evoke Carrie Bradshaw in all her Upper East Side glory.


With the peals of rock music playing in the background, this deep russet, velvet, and lace dress is a reminder that exoticism is still stylish. So are towering, Guillermo del Toro headpieces, apparently.


Though she never wore the wigs outdoors, inside Céline was totally going for a Marie Antoinette hairstyle feel. We wouldn’t advise power blue wigs this fall, but who knows. There’s always room for the unexpected.


For her final day at Couture Fashion Week, Dion tossed Victorian-inspired items aside for this hyper-contemporary industrial outfit. It’s so aggressive a change we’re not entirely sure the ensemble works, but we respect you for trying, Céline.


Céline Dion is the diva we all want to be. She’s sexy, stunningly chic, and doesn’t flaunt her style like a typical modern-day star. You may not have Vogue to supply you with elaborate costumes, but that’s no excuse not to assemble your own version of couture fashion.  Review Céline’s videos below and get work on making yourself the next social media fashion diva.


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