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Lightning Fast Celebrity Skin Treatments We All Want To Try

Celebrity skin treatments are always better than your typical at-home beauty regimen. It’s probably because they have plentiful money to spend hiring beauticians and dermatology experts to think up incredible skincare options that solve even the most minuscule ailments. Ever wonder how the beautiful ladies of Hollywood keep up their flawless appearances both on and off camera? Well, there are plenty of clinical secrets behind each glistening cheek and silicone smooth forehead. They may not be affordable treatments and many are so specific they might bring you more pain than relief, but the allure of stardom has buoyed most celebrity skin treatments to a respectable status among beauty aficionados across the globe. It’s hard to drown out the brilliance of the limelight. Here are the most popular treatments you just might be able to incorporate into your beauty routine every now and then.

cortizone shot
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If you thought a glorious cortisone shot was the fastest option out there, think again. Celeb dermatology expert Jessica Wu combines the shot with Intense Pulsed Light to make her clients’ spots disappear in a mere 24 hours. Even more impressive, Patricia Wexler blends cortisone with TCA to get rid of any zit or cyst in less than 4 hours. Now that’s a celebrity skin treatment.

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These infusions of youth are all the rage in the celebrity-populated Beverly Hills. While an aesthetician treats your skin, a doctor will start you on an IV combination of vitamins and calcium designed to counter chronic fatigue and other wearying ailments. Once you’re finished, your skin will boast a glow that lasts for at least 24 hours after treatment. If you don’t want to endure an IV, get some amino acids in your diet. They supposedly have a similarly uplifting effect on aging skin.

laser skin treatments
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More daring and far faster than an IV drip, many celebrities on the East Coast trust lasers for a quick pick-me-up before high-profile events. The inventor of this technique, Fredric Brandt, reports that many stars stop by his office in the morning to snap their face into shape before a red carpet later in the day. With two lasers working on different wavelengths at the same time, this is a treatment you definitely shouldn’t attempt at home. Contact a professional to learn more.

full body facials
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A good facial leaves your skin clear and refreshed in all the best ways. Just imagine how you’d feel after rinsing a cleansing serum off your entire body. The most famous of these head-to-toe facials consists of a multi-step process that includes microdermabrasion, a thorough peel to clear away dry skin, and a final coat of collagen-building cream. You’ll leave feeling radiant all over.

celebrity skin treatments
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Scalpels are disappearing from skincare clinics all over the world, replaced by massage therapies that double as liposuction and Intense Pulsed Light that helps to repair broken capillaries. Without the limitations of a knife, these slimming treatments require minimal healing and are less likely to create patches of scar tissue.

heavy earrings
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Earring obsessions can seriously affect your earlobes. Roll your eyes and call it a celebrity gimmick, but sooner or later most stars must face the fact that their overused earlobes are looking pretty stretched out. The solution? A hyaluronic acid-based filler that re-inflates your skin into its proper shape. Talk about those pesky little details…

It’s true. Celebrity skin treatments can seem vain and excessive, but don’t let the surface value fool you. Eccentricity can still make you feel amazing if you give it a try. Maybe that pocketbook can stretch a little further for one exceptional experience.


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