Celebrity Reasons You Should Wear Overalls

Fashion has never quite figured out what to do about overalls. They drift in and out of style every few years and have been since those jumpsuit days in the good old 1970s. They fall out of favor because, well, no one really likes one-piece clothing if it’s not a swimsuit. Then, when people are looking for something new and comfortable to replace those same old outfits, out come more coveralls and bibs. This back and forth has created a sort of confusion around the concept of bib overalls. Do they belong in everyday wardrobes or should the style police relegate them to hipster and rural farmers? Today’s celebrities have answered this question loud and clear in recent years by embracing overalls with incredible abandon. See if this all-star lineup of dungaree wearers can convince you to try the iconic outfit this summer.

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Ditching the traditional buckles, this trendy pair of overalls features a zipper up the front rather than a pocket. Cute and easy to wear, pair it with sunglasses and a plain tee for a chic summer look.

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If denim overalls are too 90s for your liking, give a leather pair a try. This black outfit combines an industrial look with urban chic to make the perfect rainy summer ensemble.

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Overalls have a reputation for being saggy, but this flared, curve-hugging pair recalls all those iffy jumpsuits from the 70s. Maybe bib overalls could be your take on 70s chic this summer. Duff certainly pulled them off.

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Need a break from blue denim but don’t want to switch to a new fabric? Black denim is here to help. This shade of overalls gives off a hipster vibe, but it can work in urban or suburban settings. Pair it with a scarf like Kruger to fancy things up a bit.

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Another pair of trendy overalls reminiscent of the jumpsuit, this style goes even further than most. The scooping neckline really drives the point home here. If you want to go vintage in an original way, here’s your answer.

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When Cate Blanchett wears casual overalls, it’s pretty noteworthy. You won’t find this star in a piece that’s not in style. This pair combines buckles and zippers in an industrial design that’s perfect for travel. Wear this for the plane ride when you’re on vacation.

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Here’s the answer to that pesky question, “Can overalls be sexy?” If your pair fits well and you flash some skin, they can bridge the gap between sexy and cute with surprising ease. This reason alone is enough to give a pair a try.

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There are blue overalls, black overalls, and white overalls. If monochromatic style is too boring for you, there are also plenty of prints. Why not try a themed pair when you’re out and about this summer?

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There is nothing more classic in the world of overalls fashion than black bibs thrown over horizontal, black-and-white stripes. It’s the epitome of an overalls outfit. Take a good look. When in doubt, this is exactly the ensemble you should be wearing this summer.

Overalls aren’t the finest clothes in summer fashion, but they’re making one of the most flattering comebacks in their history this summer. It’s time to give them another shot at being trendy. Maybe this time the look will actually succeed.



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