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7 Celebrity Hair Trends You Can Style From Home

It’s been a long time since Hollywood gave us a truly compelling hairstyle to carry over into our daily lives. Since the early 2010s, the hottest hair trends have been traditionally simplistic. Don’t get us wrong. We love a good lob and the buzzcut is an iconoclasm at its best, but sometimes it feels like no one really cares about fancying up their hair until they’re headed to a wedding or high-class social function. What happened to the subtlety of gently pinned curls or powerful big hair? Thankfully, a few celebrities are finally breaking the silence with fresh looks both stolen from the annuls of time and crafted brand new. With selections emulating decades like the Roaring Twenties and gaudy 80s, there’s a great hair look for every fashionista in 2017. This the year to take that classic coif and give it a new makeover.

Keira Knightley
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Short flapper hair is on the loose this year and you should catch it before the trend ends. It’s one of those handy looks you can wear in any situation. Let it rest professionally against your forehead while you’re sitting at your desk or flutter tastefully in the wind on an outdoor stroll.

80s hairstyles
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Thanks to 80s nostalgia, big hair is back in style with a twist. Rather than build everything high, blast the front of your hair up and back while letting the remaining tresses fall where they may around your neck and shoulders.

princess braids
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Braids are a hot hair trend in bridal fashion this summer, but you can rock them even if you aren’t headed up the aisle. Grab one of those infamous 90s hairbands and plait your hair around that. It will make you look like the princess you always wanted to be.

clip ins
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Despite what people claim, most vibrant stripes of color you see while strolling through town aren’t strands of dyed hair. They’re trendy 90s clip-ins free of long-term consequences. Remember that color you’ve been dying to test out? This is your chance to try it.

fashionable head gear
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Before 2017, gypsy beauty was another term for gold and silver glitter. Then, House of Harlow introduced their latest collection of hair bands. Inspired by Indian adornments, these metal chains have become a popular party choice this summer. If you want a touch of the East in your Western wardrobe, they’re the accessory for you.

celebrity hair trends
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Colorful clip-ins not good enough? There’s another hair coloring trend in Hollywood that’s perfect for your restless personality. Dye the ends of your hair with a multi-colored mixture. It’s not aggressive like Coachella hair or unicorn beauty, but it’ll get your rebellious message across loud and clear.

pixie cut
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Carey Mulligan is the queen of contemporary pixie hair and she’s earned that title fair and square. It’s gotten to the point where she is unmistakable just because of her hairstyle. You can flaunt a pixie with confidence too. Copy her ebb and flow for the best results.

Hollywood’s hair stylists are finally flexing their diversity muscles this year. If you’re after a celebrity hair trend that offers more than a riff on the classic lob, 2017’s your lucky year. Pick your favorite and head to the salon. If you’re ambitious, maybe it’s even worth alternating between two. head to the salon. If you’re ambitious, maybe it’s even worth alternating between two.


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