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Celebrity Diets To Help You Shape Up

Diets are hard. No matter how hard we try to eat healthy, it seems there’s always a hamburger or fries lingering nearby. Bad food so enticing too. It’s not simply that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Bad food is marketed everywhere and it’s usually momentarily good enough to trick you every time. If you find yourself always giving into the less desirable offerings of fast food and sweets, it’s time to change course. One great way to do this is by imitating celebrity diets. Despite how it feels, celebrities face the same weight and health issues as normal people. Following a superstar as they go through a cleanse or cut back on fatty dishes is incentivizing and fun because, for a meal or two each day, you can convince yourself you’re eating like a millionaire.

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If you want to give the herbivore lifestyle a try, the Queen Bey has a dieting hack for you. Why not commit to healthy greens and tofu for 22 days instead of months or years on end? It really doesn’t take too long for veganism to get you back on track. Just be careful introduce meat back into your palette slowly when you finish the diet. Your body needs time to get used to digesting it again. 3 weeks isn’t long, but it’s still enough time for your stomach to forget how to treat good meat.

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Ever wondered how Angelina Jolie stays so thin and sleek? It’s all in the diet. This Hollywood star adds a mixture of grains, seeds, and nuts to all her meals for an extra boost of nutrients. Not only do the vitamins and minerals keep her body fat down, they also contribute to her glowing complexion and smooth, shiny hair. Ancient grains are the ultimate celebrity diet for any fashionista of beauty guru looking to enhance their appearance. If you’re into health foods and textured dishes, give these grains a try.

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Going above and beyond the normal confines of celebrity diets, Sakara help found a food delivery service that caters organic, local cuisine right to your doorstep. You can choose a one-day cleanse, five-day meal plan, or 20-day grocery shop to trim your figure into shape. Word on the street is that this diet is the best one out there when it comes to making women feel good about their bodies. If you want a silhouette like Sakara for the beach this summer (and who wouldn’t?) this might be the food regimen for you.

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There is one major requirement if you want to hop aboard the celebrity diets bandwagon with Katy Perry. You need to like mushrooms a lot. Perry’s secret to her famous “California Gurl” body is a meal plan that has her eating mushroom-based lunches and dinners every day for two weeks. It’s a simple way to build your diet around all-natural foods and remove unwanted bulk from your stomach and thighs. It may not be the most exciting or creative diet to try, but if you don’t mind mushrooms upon mushrooms every meal, give it a shot.

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This is Drew Barrymore’s secret to slimming down after a pregnancy. After all, we can’t all transform our baby bumps into a fashion statement like the incomparable Beyoncé. Whether you’re cutting down on baby weight or simply trimming those loose edges, the beauty detox solution invented by nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is a gentle way to drop some pounds. Bring on the plants and the juices! Time for you to nail that target weight!

With all the money exchanging hands in Hollywood, celebrity diets are a smart way for you to get in on some of the best dietary advice there is. You might not be a movie star, but these are the tools to begin looking like one. Why waste such a golden opportunity?



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