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Celebrity Closets You Should Envy

Celebrity closets have the potential to leave you seething with envy. They’re like customized stores stocked with every possible outfit you could want. There are literally rooms full of shoes, walls stacked with jeans, and rows upon rows of beautiful dresses that have probably only been worn once. Twice if they’re a particular favorite. This excess has led to the invention of the glam room, a full-sized space cordoned off to house these elaborate collections of clothing. In fact, some celebs have so many clothes they need multiple glam rooms just to keep everything organized and in good condition. Imagine, there are mansions in the world with whole rooms dedicated to holding one person’s handbag collection. It’s insane and terribly desirable all at the same time. Enviable as they are, you deserve the chance to glance into these incredible glam rooms Here are the very best of the best.

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So, Jennifer Lopez has a crazy number of shoes and insane collection of jeans and that’s just the beginning. Her glam room is so huge it requires closets with slides. It seems when you design trousers as well as wear them, you amass a fortune’s worth of clothes to wear.

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Believe it or not, these are just some of Mariah Carey’s shoes. Her collection is so wide you can’t capture the entire thing without a panoramic view. If this is the star’s shoe collection, just imagine what the rest of her wardrobe is like.

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Athleisure is clearly one of Khloe Kardashian’s favorite trends to wear. Her walk-in closet looks like an aisle at the Nike store, full of colorful tank tops, short shorts, and neon sneakers. Of course, this only begins to sum up the social media celebrity’s entire wardrobe. She’s got a semi-formal and formal wear room too.

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When you’re a celebrity baby, your glam room ends up looking a little different than mommy and daddy’s. North West’s collection of trendy toys and accessories bleeds right into her petite wardrobe. After all, what’s on little girl going to do with all that stuff!

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In case you were wondering how big Christina Aguilera’s shoe collection actually is, this pop star included a ladder in her photo for scale. Not only are her shelves tall, her entire glam room is decked out in grandiose style. Just look at the red velvet curtain and bejeweled chandelier.

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Sneakerheads all over the world are loving this impressive collection owned by rapper Rick Ross. Each a limited-edition shoe, these colorful sneakers range from the mid-80s to modern day. It’s a museum-worthy collection that boasts some of the rarest designs in sneaker history.

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Jessie James Decker planted a fragrance tree in the middle of her oversized closet for easy access to some luxury scents. They make this celebrity closet one of the few to integrate beauty with fashion. If you’re really committed to your beauty routine, it gets a makeover along with your closet.

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Mark Zuckerberg is probably the last name you’d expect to find on a glam room list. Facebook’s founder is known for his complete lack of fashion sense. That doesn’t stop him from needing clean clothes, though. For this tech wizard, a lot of the same stuff is just as good as a closet full of fresh and different items.

From sneaker heaven to fragrance paradise, glam rooms and celebrity closets are the manifestation of our grandest fashion dreams. You may never be swimming in heels, but at least you can envision what it would be like. It’s hardly satisfying, but a comfort nonetheless.


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