Carol Galvin Foundation Women's Cancer Fundraising Gala

Meredith O’Connor and Bianca Muñiz Headline At The Carol Galvin Foundation NYFW Gala Fundraiser

NYFW has already proven itself a hit this week thanks to refreshing designs, exciting comebacks, and stunning runway debuts. We’ve seen Tom Ford back in sexy 90s form, Rihanna motocrossing down the catwalk, and Snoop Dogg’s son rocking it as a model. The underboob is back, inclusion is in, and pastels are a must have for your spring 2018 wardrobe. Yet, one of the most anticipated New York Fashion Week events still hasn’t happened yet. What is this long-awaited show everyone’s waiting for? It’s The Carol Galvin Foundation’s Official NYFW Gala Fundraiser featuring Aaron Carter and Meredith O’Connor.

Founded by CG Talent executive Rick Galvin, The Carol Galvin Foundation has been raising money and support for mothers battling cancer for over a decade. It was initially founded in honor of Rick’s own mother who he lost to cancer at age 11. Through the years, it’s grown from a small family organization to a national name that can bring together celebrities and designers for big charity events like the one scheduled for tomorrow evening. Already anticipated to be the largest fundraiser of the season, this fashion-themed gala will include a Gala Runway Show for Cancer and performances by three all-star millennial performing artists. Aaron Carter is a star singer from the late 90s who rose to fame opening for his brother Nick Carter’s iconic band, the Backstreet Boys. Meredith O’Connor is a singer-songwriter and model who made it big writing and recording songs for Disney’s Teen Beach Movie and Nickelodeon’s DeGrassi. Finally, Zay Hilfigerrr is one of the young rappers behind 2016’s smash success “Juju on that Beat (TZ Anthem)” and a recent guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

We actually met up with Meredith O’Connor and special guest Bianca Muñiz at Style Fashion Week. Here’s what they had to say about fashion week, their upcoming concert, and what to wear this fall.

What did you think about the show tonight?

  • MEREDITH: You guys outdid yourself. Kenn Gray is amazing. He really outdid himself this year. We met last year at Style Fashion Week. You know, a lot of people know I come out this season to support the shows because I used to model before I got signed as a singer and I really loved what they did this year. It’s so extra, in a good way. I’m super stoked. I think it’s their best one by far and that’s impossible because last year was amazing. So, it’s just crazy.


Did you have a favorite designer?

  • MEREDITH: My favorite designer…. Well, I really loved all of them. I thought they were all really, really powerful. And their philanthropy behind the cause is just so amazing.


I love your outfit tonight! This beautiful red gown. Tell me, what are you wearing?

  • MEREDITH: It’s Mac Duggal. And I’ll be wearing Mimi Tran as well this week. As a matter of fact, on September 12th at the PlayStation Theater, I’m headlining. I think Aaron Carter is as well. And Bianca Muñiz will make an appearance. She’s a singer and she had cancer since she was 11. And on September 12th all the proceeds from the event are going to her, her family, and another woman Daniella. They’re both fighting cancer. She’s such a hero to me not only because she’s creative and talented, but she’s strong and resembles everything I think a woman can be. So, I’m so excited to share the same stage with her September 12th at the PlayStation Theater.

How did you know you wanted to be a singer?

  • BIANCA: My mom was a singer, so I’ve been singing all my life and I started taking lessons when I was a sophomore in high school at Lagond Music School. Since then, I’ve just been in a bunch of bands and I started my own band my senior year of college.

What music do you like to perform?

  • BIANCA: My music… I like to call it avant-pop. It’s like a mix of pop, jazz, rock, R&B. It really takes from every genre.


What inspires your music?

  • BIANCA: The experiences I go through. Everything comes out in the lyrics I write and the music.


Can we expect a collaboration between you and Meredith?

  • MEREDITH: Well, it’s a surprise, the kind of collaboration that will be happening. But let’s just say tune in September 12th. And check out the billboard on Time Square. It’s promoting the event. On 42nd Street and 7th Avenue and Broadway. The biggest one! So, I’m excited and thank you so much. We hope to see you there!

Clearly, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Click to hear more from Meredith O’Connor and Bianca Muñiz and don’t miss their show tomorrow night! Book tickets here!


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